Why Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Failed

The expansive Kill Bill saga begins with white text on a black screen that reads “Revenge is best served cold – Old Klingon proverb” In one sentence, the Kill Bill saga sets its revenge-focused focus, but it also establishes that the writer/director Quentin Tarantino is a dyed in Trekkie wool. Surely no one should be shocked that a man who wrote a screenplay for Silver Surfer in the 1990s is also dedicated to star trekbut Kill Bill provided definitive proof to those who still doubted. For a brief period in the 2010s, Tarantino was able to live out everyone’s fantasy star trek fan taking the reins of a new star trek film.

In December 2017, news broke that Tarantino himself had approached Paramount Pictures with a very peculiar idea for a star trek film. Naturally, the studio responded enthusiastically to the concept of a Tarantino star trek film and Mark L. Smith was hired to write the screenplay for the film. Any time after pulp Fiction dropped in cinemas, the concept of Tarantino making star trek would have been catnip for Paramount. However, the concept was even more appealing to this studio at the moment because, a month earlier, Paramount, along with several other studios, had been beaten by Sony/Columbia for the rights to Tarantino’s next feature film, Once upon a time… in Hollywood.

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The importance of the property for the studio was underlined by the director of Paramount Pictures Jim Gianopulos in a New York Times profile in January 2019. This prolific figure used the notion of Tarantino star trek film as an example of the kind of distinctive writer-driven projects that Paramount wanted to make a priority going forward. Being the home of a potential future production helmed by one of modern Hollywood’s most acclaimed American directors was also a great way to ensure that Paramount, despite its constant box office troubles in the 2010s, looked like still a viable film studio for the wider film industry.

Despite being so important to Paramount Pictures, there’s been little movement on Tarantino star trek project immediately after its announcement. That was to be expected considering his next directorial effort was still destined to be Once upon a time… in Hollywood, with this vintage piece occupying all of the man’s attention for the foreseeable future. Tarantino confirmed this in April 2019, when he noted that once he was done with Rick Dalton and company, he would meet again with Paramount Pictures about possibly directing something involving the star trek universe. Two months later, Tarantino confirmed that his star trek the film, like all of his directorial endeavors, would be rated R, a far cry from the early installments of this saga which earned PG ratings.

The underlying importance of a project that Tarantino might not be able to commit to for some time was underlined a few months before these remarks when a proposal Star Trek Beyond sequel directed by SJ Clarkson collapsed. While a year earlier star trek actors like Zachary Quinto were open about the fact that there were so many scenarios for new star trek with the movies buzzing, the options for the future of this franchise have suddenly become much more limited. A moment before by Noah Hawley star trek the movie was announced, it seemed that Tarantino’s concept for an installment in this franchise was the only plan to come star trek adventures on the table.

Despite the importance that Tarantino held star trek, both for this individual franchise and Paramount Pictures as a studio, there was always uncertainty hanging over the idea that this proposed project still exists. It wasn’t that Tarantino’s love of Star Trek was in doubt or even that Paramount Pictures wouldn’t make the movie. Sadly, however, Tarantino had often brushed shoulders with famous franchises and brands but, for a host of reasons, was never able to make installments in those sagas.

For example, Tarantino had planned to make a film adaptation of the TV show The man from UNCLE but it never took off. There was also the time when he was very interested in working on a James Bond film in the form of Casino Royale, while the filmmaker even had the chance to direct a film based on the DC Comics character Sgt. Rock for Warner Bros. Tarantino had always expressed his enthusiasm for these concepts, but whether it was by his inclinations or by outside forces, the director always ended up making original works inspired by classic pieces of pop culture. That track record didn’t bode well for the prospect of audiences ever seeing a Quentin Tarantino. star trek big screen function.

In November 2019, the worst case scenario finally happened when Tarantino told Consequence of Sound he was looking to “walk away” from his proposal. star trek film. While he didn’t say he was dead or that he officially never would, the wording wasn’t hopeful for Trekkies wanting to see this project come to fruition. A few months later, Tarantino would put the nail in the coffin of this bizarre blockbuster idea by confirming that he would not be directing this feature, even if he could imagine that the screenplay by Mark L. Smith would be directed by another filmmaker. . With that, Tarantino star trek joined the sergeant. Rock and Silver Surfer like Tarantino movies that never should have been.

In August 2021, Smith spilled the wick on what Tarantino was offering star trek the film would have looked like revealing that he was obsessed with time travel and was mostly inspired by gangster movies. In fact, Tarantino had already planned a whole sequence of gangster movie dialogue when he first called Smith about the possibility of him writing a screenplay for the proposed project. He also reaffirmed that this film would have starred Kirk and the original Enterprise gang, although it was not discussed whether it would have involved the Kelvin timeline version of those characters.

Quentin Tarantino defeated star trek the film is a fascinating thing to ponder. On the one hand, Tarantino is so good at making original and unique characters emerge from the molds of vintage art that it’s like a relief not to have been saddled in a pre-established universe. It’s much more interesting to see him use recognizable movies and TV shows as a starting point for something new rather than being forced into what’s worked in the past. On the other hand, it will always be tempting to imagine what such an odd detour from franchise standards might have looked like. While this feature will always remain a possibility rather than a reality, Tarantino’s love for star trek will live in other ways, like this opening text to Kill Bill.