What James Bond 26 must keep from Daniel Craig’s 007 era


Warning: SPOILERS for No time to die.

Daniel Craig’s James bond The era is over, but there are key aspects that Bond 26 and the films that follow must be kept. Craig played 007 in five movies from 2006 Casino Royale to 2021 No time to die. However, due to the length of time between films, Daniel Craig became the actor who played James Bond the longest at age 15. Additionally, Craig’s Bond films are the most popular and financially successful of the modern era, along with those of 2012. Fall from the skygross $ 1.109 billion, setting a franchise record.

Royle Casino completely rebooted the James Bond film franchise. Before Daniel Craig became 007, the Bond films were a continuous, albeit loosely connected, canon, starting with the 1962s. Dr No and ending with the years 2002 Die another day. Despite five actors playing James Bond, starting with Sean Connery, followed by George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan, it was generally accepted that they all played the same character. While each new James Bond actor is a smooth reboot for each new decade in the franchise, it’s still the same 007 who has been through all of those adventures. But after Die another day ‘s a mixed critical and public reception, and with more visceral action films like Jason bourne providing the competition, James Bond producers Eon Productions decided that 007 needed a radical change, and Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond turned out to be a phenomenal success.


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With No time to die Closing the book on the era of Daniel Craig, James Bond is again at a crossroads and the franchise is on the verge of a new makeover. Not only will Eon Productions have to pick a new 007, but other important decisions will also need to be made regarding the direction of the franchise. The fact that Craig’s Bond died at the end of No time to die gave his version of 007 a definitive ending, so it’s highly likely that the next James Bond will have a whole new canon accompanying its introduction as well. Whatever happens next, there will soon be a new James Bond actor. But the Daniel Craig era was so successful (despite some glaring mistakes) that the next wave of James Bond films would be wise to recycle some of the important changes that made Craig’s 007 so successful.

Bond 26 and beyond should have a planned arc (better than Craig’s)

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Specter

One strategy that can keep the next wave of James Bond films vital for years to come is to draw a full arc for 007 ahead of time. Daniel Craig’s films were groundbreaking because they applied Peak TV-style serialized storytelling so that, taken as a whole, Craig’s five Bond films tell a full story. However, it didn’t really start that way: Casino Royale was a standalone reboot origin story and Quantum of Consolation took place immediately after, in part because a writers’ strike dictated that the film be written quickly and on the fly. When Sam Mendes took over the director’s chair for Fall from the sky, he began to explore James Bond’s past, and in his follow-up, Spectrum, Mendes revived all of Craig’s previous Bond films and reintroduced Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) as James’s adopted brother. No time to die then followed Spectrum‘s retcons and ended the saga.

Rather than randomly telling Craig’s story as Bond and then revising it along the way, it would be wiser to plan how many movies the next Bond will star in, and then build a macro story for it. give the next 007 a full arc. Obligation 26 aAnd the films that follow don’t have to be as tightly serialized as Craig’s Bond films, and they may even retain the classic Bond formula fighting a different megalomaniac supervillain in each film. However, each new Bond film can still be serialized with continued evolution for James and his allies so that the larger franchise plan becomes clearer after each film. The key is to already know where the next 007 is headed by tracing its arc well in advance, which would prevent the awkward returns Craig’s Bond suffered.

Continuing the evolution of Bond Girl from the Daniel Craig era

Ana de Armas as Paloma in No Time to Die

After Casino Royale Featured and then killed Daniel Craig’s Bond’s great sweetheart, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the Bond Girls have undergone a welcome revolution. While there were still women who were reduced to being sexy victims like Quantum of Consolation‘s Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton) and Fall from the skyby Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe), Bond Girls like Camille (Olga Kurylenko) in Quantum of Consolation and Dr Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) in Specter / No time to die has become harder and more capable. Even M’s staunch secretary, Miss Moneypenny, was reinvented as an MI6 field agent and became Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris).

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With the return of Madeleine Swann, No time to die debuted with two of the best Bond Girls of all time: Nomi AKA the new 007 (Lashana Lynch) and Paloma (Ana de Armas). Nomi and Paloma are both breathtaking yet incredibly skilled secret agents who never needed rescuing and more than coped with James Bond on the pitch. The next wave of Bond Girls must continue the core work on Nomi and Paloma so that 007’s next companions are as capable as they are beautiful.

Daniel Craig’s supporting MI6 cast set to return

Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw as Q in James Bond

Daniel Craig’s James Bond started his MI6 career without his classic assistants like Q and Miss Moneypenny until they were reintroduced into Fall from the sky as younger and more diverse versions, with Ben Whishaw’s Q revealed as gay in No time to die. Additionally, Ralph Fiennes took over the role of M from Judi Dench. Although it is quite possible thatt Bond 26 is going to recast M, Q and Moneypenny once again, it would be a shame to lose Naomi Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes, who were ideally chosen for the roles. May be Bond 26 cwould import Craig’s supporting MI6 cast in the same way Judi Dench played M (albeit a different version) in both Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films and in Daniel Craig’s 007 canon. But if M, Q and Moneypenny are recast, hopefully Link 26 can continue the welcome diversity of actors.

Continue to explore Bond’s story and emotional vulnerability

No time to die Bond Madeleine

Daniel Craig’s James Bond was also revolutionary as his origins, past trauma, deeply romantic side, and emotional vulnerability were explored. Craig’s 007 wasn’t always the cool, unfazed secret agent played by previous James Bond actors. Craig’s Bond was injured, acted recklessly, and had a temper that worked against him, but he also fell in love twice, with Vesper Lynd and Madeleine Swann, and fathered Mathilde (Lisa-Dorah Sonnet), a young girl he adored. Meanwhile, the directors of Craig’s Bond, especially Sam Mendes and Cary Joji Fukunaga, took a look at James’ psyche to find out what made him tick, what really hurt him, and what really makes Bond really feel good. heroic.

The upcoming James Bond shouldn’t repeat details specific to Craig’s version of 007, but Link 26 should continue the mission to humanize James in new and interesting ways. After all, beyond the thrilling action and spectacle of the Craig films, it was the fact that Craig’s Bond had genuine depth that kept audiences mesmerized by his portrayal of the Secret Agent. Craig has proven that Bond is best when his humanity goes hand in hand with his fearless skills and license to kill, and the next 007 has to be an equally complex three-dimensional character.

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Keep taking risks like the Daniel Craig era did

James Bond No Time To Die Daniel Craig Eilish

It’s easy to forget how controversial Daniel Craig was in the role of James Bond a decade and a half ago, but it was a risk that paid off royally. Much like the reboot of the Bond canon and every other chance the franchise has had to reinvent 007. One of the lessons to be learned from Daniel Craig’s Bond era is to keep being bold and keep looking for new directions. interesting to take James Bond next while honoring the traditions and tropes of the franchise. And that includes which actor is chosen for the new 007. Daniel Craig’s Bond films created a new and larger audience for 007 and they set a high standard for Link 26 match. The only way to achieve this is not to try to clone the era of Daniel Craig but to build on his many successes to revitalize James bond again for the next generation.

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