What does the future of the James Bond franchise look like?

With Daniel Craig’s time as 007 now over, many are wondering what the future of the James Bond franchise holds for fans? Right now, the franchise’s future isn’t so clear. We know more movies are coming. But sadly, it will probably be a while before we get another Bond movie. Here’s what we currently know.

Additionally, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson predict a different trajectory for the James Bond franchise going forward. And they are still actively looking for a new actor to take on the role.

How is the casting of the next James Bond going?

“When you change actors, you have to reimagine the direction the film will take. When you hire an actor, you hope to spend at least a decade with them and do four, five or six films with them,” Broccoli said in a recent interview with Empire Magazine. “So you have to think, ‘What’s the trajectory? What will this actor bring? How are you going to take the show in another direction?'”

“It’s not just about flipping through ‘Spotlight’ and saying, ‘Oh, there’s a guy who’s 6’1’.” She adds.

So when will we know who will be the next James Bond? Broccoli also noted that she and Wilson were patient as they searched for Craig’s replacement. So it may take a while before the announcement comes.

“We will take our time. We want to have an idea of ​​where we want to go with the show and we want to do that before we bring anyone else. We’ll probably start the process with (the writers) Rob (Wade) and Neil (Purvis) and see where we go! Broccoli reveals.

The end of no time to die saw Craig’s Bond sacrifice himself to save the life of his lover, Dr. Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux), as well as his daughter Mathilde. Remembering when audiences first saw the end of the film is something Broccoli still remembers vividly.

“It was amazing when ‘No Time To Die’ premiered with 4,000 people and you could hear all the people, their breathing and their heartbeats and they were saying, ‘This is not happening. …’ And it happens.” said the broccoli.

It will be a while before we have more James Bond content

For now, fans shouldn’t expect more Bond content in the near future, as casting announcements will come before filming begins. And of course, the actual production and post-production will also take time. So it’ll probably be a few years before we really know what Bond’s future will look like.

In the meantime, Broccoli and Wilson have their hands full on the upcoming thriller, Remote. The film stars Gerard Butler and follows a British corporate intelligence analyst who becomes entangled in a plot to destabilize the Chinese economy.

Henry CavillSuperman
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Who could be the next James Bond?

There’s been plenty of talk lately about who could fill 007’s iconic shoes. And Henry Cavill’s name has been a part of many of those conversations. But, having been ready for the role before Daniel Craig was cast, Cavill said he wasn’t ready to play James Bond just yet, although he was in the final audition stage more than a year ago. 15 years old.

“They told me I was close. They told me it was ultimately due to, and that’s what I was told, it was just me and Daniel [Craig]. And I was the younger option. They obviously went with Daniel and I think it was an amazing choice to go with Daniel. Cavill revealed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

“I probably wasn’t ready at the time and I think Daniel did an amazing job on the previous movies, so I’m glad they made that choice.” Cavill added.

Also for the role at the time was Doctor Whois David Tennat and ForeignIt’s Sam Heughan.

Will the next James Bond be younger?

Knowing now that at the time the producers considered a younger and older version of Bond for 2006 Casino Royale. Does that mean we’re probably considering a younger Bond for the next 007? It is unlikely according to Wilson.

“We have tried to look at young people in the past. But trying to visualize it doesn’t work,” Wilson said in an interview with People. “Remember, Bond is already a veteran. He has some experience. He’s a person who’s been through wars, so to speak.

“He’s not a kid out of high school that you can bring in and start. That’s why it works for a 30-something,” he added.

Rege Jean Page
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What about Régé-Jean Page?

Bridgerton The name of the star Regé-Jean Page also continues to be talked about. And Page has two pretty big fans pleading for him to be considered.

” He is fantastic. I mean, he’s got more charisma in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. So, you know, we watched him do whatever — I mean, we watched him read the yearbook!” Director Joe Russo told RadioTimes.com earlier this year.

Page himself commented on the rumours, saying: “Ah, the B-word. I think if you’re British and you do something big, that other people notice, then people will start talking about it. It’s quite normal and I’m flattered to be in the category of Brits people have noticed.

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