Top 5 most luxurious casinos in Europe

There are many casinos all over the world players can get the best casino experience. But when you want luxury treatment, you don’t go anywhere. You will have to take your time to choose the best of them. In Europe, several casinos offer the best gaming experience to their players. In addition, players can feel comfortable playing their favorite games at the casino. These casinos range from the Dragonara Casino in Malta to the Hotel Splendid Casino Royale in Montenegro. In this article, we have carefully selected the 5 best luxury casinos in Europe. So let’s explore them!

Dragonara Casino

The first casino on our list is the Dragonara Casino in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the island of Malta. Owned and operated by Dragonara Gaming Limited, it offers 300 slot machine games, 15 dice tables, a VIP lounge for high rollers and a poker room. The exterior of the casino speaks of luxury and class, while the interior gives you a Mediterranean view as you step inside.

Splendid Casino Royale Hotel

In the movie – Casino Royale, Hotel Splendid is located in an unidentified town in Montenegro. However, in real life the hotel is the Grandhotel Pupp located in the city of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. The Grandhotel Pupp is a luxury hotel with 111 rooms, six restaurants and bars and a casino where you can play casino games. Externally, the Puff Casino is a sight to see. Its interior has an exclusive lounge, bar and play cabins. In addition, you can visit Platin Ireland online casino to enjoy online casino games on your mobile device.

Estoril Casino

Located in Estoril, Portugal, Estoril Casino is one of the best in Europe, which is also a popular place for recreation and entertainment. The exterior of the casino is beautiful at night, and you will surely be wondering what is in it. Inside the casino you will find several designs that speak of class and comfort.

The Kurhaus Casino in Baden-Baden

The fourth casino on the list of the most luxurious casinos in Europe is the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, located in Kaiserallee, Germany. At night, the Baden Casino building takes on a whole new look of luxury and class. As you enter the casino you will find sparkling chandeliers and luxurious red lights as well as gaming sections.

Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte-Carlo

Located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the Monte Carlo Casino was built in 1863 as a gaming and entertainment facility in the famous Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo. The exterior of the casino is made of marble and gold, which gives the building an elegant style. In addition, the interior of the casino has an elegant decoration filled with a brilliant color combination that matches the furnishings.


Overall, we were able to explore the 5 best luxury casinos in Europe in this article. First of all, we took you to the Dragonara Casino in Malta, where you can enjoy the best casino games in a stylish environment. Next, we explored the Splendid Hotel in Montenegro, which was used in the James Bond movie – Casino Royale. Additionally, we have explored Portugal and Germany where you will find Estoril Casino and Baden Casino which combine entertainment and live casino action. To get the best live casino experience you can go to any of these casinos that we have listed.

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