The greatest last lines in the history of cinema

Sticking a landing is never easy, especially in movies. Some movies are plump for an underserved sequel, and the current age of Marvel-dominated cinema suggests that an end credits scene teasing that next big thing is always needed, so to put a full and satisfying stop on your movie just before the credits. real know-how.

The scripts for the films listed below are confident from start to finish, delivered by actors of immeasurable panache and skill, and have us quoting their last spoken lines as we leave the theaters, in the lobby and for the years to come. These are some of the best final lines in cinematic history, for films that will always have the last laugh.

7 “My name is Bond. James Bond.” – Casino Royale

Following former James Bond actor Peirce Brosnan’s poor final outing with die another day in 2002, Bond had to make a comeback that was new, fresh, and (most importantly) really good. Casino Royale was a bloody chic modern take with throwback sensibilities. For all the criticism the then-relatively unknown Daniel Craig received before anyone had even seen the movie (blonde Bond!? How dare they!?), the ad in the last line wasn’t just a checkbox. check for fans. of the series, but a confirmation that this was our new 007 armed with machine guns, and that it is here to stay.

6 “The truth is…I am Iron Man” – Iron Man

Marvel’s maiden voyage to the big screen (sort of) had to be something special. Iron Man was at this point a B-list superhero that most non-comic readers didn’t even know existed. However, casting Robert Downey Jr. (a beloved actor, then rejected by Hollywood at the time) as an alcoholic playboy couldn’t have worked better. At the end of Iron Man, Tony Stark, after beating the villain and facing a press conference, fumbles his own words. Pressed to stick to the cards, sure of himself, Stark admits “I am Iron Man”, and the newsroom erupts.

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The film immediately screams Black Sabbath and cuts to the credits. Before superhero movies were the popular norm, this was a brave, confident movie with a simple statement. Marvel Studios knew they had found (red and) gold.

5 “He said there was a storm coming.” “I know.” – The Terminator

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), now carrying a child, ends up in Mexico following the events of the final shutdown The Terminator. In a foreign land, on the move and unable to stop, it’s finally a moment of calm, as Sarah prepares her unborn son for the future through voice recordings. Arriving at a gas station, she thinks about what to reveal and what not to reveal.

The scene is chaos theory. It exists, so the rest of The Terminator movies can follow and start. The photo taken of Connor there at the gas station is the same one given to Kyle Reese, who would return only to meet Sarah and create John. The mention of the storm and Sarah’s candid confirmation suggest this is just the beginning of the Connor family’s rocky journey…

4 “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Back to the future

Poor Marty McFly barely had a chance to sit down before an enigmatic Doc Brown told him he must travel back to the distant future of 2015 to sort out his unborn offspring. Back to the future is honestly a fantastic enough movie that they could have cut out that final scene entirely, and it still would have been awesome. That said, the frantic momentum of Back to the futureThe final act of ties in perfectly with Doc Brown’s urgency in the final scene, this time hinting at heading into the future rather than the past. As the Delorean lifts off the ground and takes flight, the film confirms the high-tech future of flying cars and distant chrome sunglasses we’ve been promised for so long.

3 “Horror…horror…” – Apocalypse Now

After a series of terrifying ordeals and an existential crisis, with his entire crew dead, Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard finally completes his mission and assassinates Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando). Trippy and kaleidoscopic, Revelation nowThe end of is exhausted, tired and jaded. Willard rides past the hordes of Kurtz’s loyal followers and returns to his ship and back to civilization, the soldier’s job done, his mission finally complete. Through masterful voice-over narration, the ghostly, crazed tones of Kurtz’s overly long, circular monologue from earlier see the soldier walk out, like a reminder that, yes, war is hell.

2 “Louis, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship” – Casablanca

Put the love of his life on a plane and away from the city of casablanca, Rick and Captain Renault disappear into the fog. After holding Renault at gunpoint and forcing him to aid in Ilsa’s escape, the captain makes the decision surprisingly well, ready to cover for him and also offer Rick transportation out of town. . The Captain’s act of kindness and generosity sparked the final line, as the pair, lonely in their recognition that love seems impossible in a dangerous world, walk through the fog of night. If anyone needed an example of when black and white added beautifully to a film, this was it.

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The simpsons would falsify the end of casablanca wonderfully with the lost alternate ending, suggesting a ridiculous flip instead.

1 “It wasn’t the planes. It was the beauty that killed the beast.” – King Kong

Beyond the now very dated special effects, King Kong assumes an almost Shakespearean level of final lines. In its final moment, we witness a great “character vs. nature” conflict. Kong scaled the height of the Empire State Building with his captured fiancée in tow. Kong eclipses the city as biplanes surround the monkey, pelting him with gunfire. Too injured to continue, Kong falls to his death and is surrounded by dazed people.

Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake would give the beast a little more combat in its epic and heartbreaking finale, but that’s only so derivative of the original. As Kong lays down on the sidewalk, the original kidnapper Carl Denim arrives. Responsible for the entire ordeal, the extraordinarily selfish entrepreneur realizes that ultimately, it’s all over. This, too, has been endlessly spoofed in popular media, but that’s because it’s such iconic cinema – beauty kills.


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