The four best Android games based on Greek mythology – Phandroid

The mythology of long-dead civilizations like the Greeks remains fascinating to us in the modern age. Ancient religions and ideas are not only endlessly imaginative, they also demonstrate the fears, hopes and understandings that our predecessors took to heart. Sure, we no longer subscribe to their belief systems, but that doesn’t mean we don’t lean on them from time to time.

Of all the forms that inspiration takes, few are as appealing as interactive entertainment. By giving us a chance to explore these worlds in ways that ancient practitioners never could, the games allow us to play the role of both gods and humans, experimenting with the whims of the notoriously capricious pantheon. Although these games are available on almost all platforms, today we want to focus on the Android platform. Setting our sights as wide as the seas of Poseidon, here’s what we’ve found to be the best.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

First released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest rose to instant fame as the Greek version of the Diablo formula. Players in this action RPG would follow the eternal quest for gear upgrades, work on a specific build, and create a skill tree to suit their playstyle. Receiving positive reviews, Titan Quest was better than just a scam, it was a truly inspired take on a proven genre.

Carries to Android In 2016, this updated version of the title was announced as extremely faithful, retaining the crucial elements while respecting the limits of mobile control. On the way to fight for the freedom of mankind, the hero player must kill hundreds of monsters from Greek mythology, including harpies, gorgons and manticores. Even going up against Hades and Cerberus, this game’s fights didn’t pull their punches.

Rise of Olympus

When most of us think of modern mobile gaming, our minds turn to a very specific type of RPG title, as typified by the famous Raid: Shadow Legends. More appropriate to Greek mythology, it was Olympus Rising who accomplished this style in our setting.

Rise of Olympus is divided into two parts. The first is in base and team management, where you build Olympus and collect/upgrade troops and equipment to come to its defense. This means gacha-style gathering, where many different rarity units lead players to a custom army that they feel a real connection to.

The second part of the game takes place on the battlefield. During this part of the game, forces led by player heroes work to protect their home and expand their territory, while relying on friends online to help share the burden.

A bit like a thief: Hades

Less traditionally, the planetary tube Hades is also accessible on Android via Xbox Game Pass and various other streaming services. This roguelike game was released in 2020, receiving universal commercial and critical acclaim. Although it wasn’t developed with mobile as its primary platform, Hades works incredibly well, and that’s doubly worth it if you have a Bluetooth controller to play from.

Hades players adopt the role of Zagreus, son of Hades. With each life, Zagreus fights to escape the underworld to reach Mount Olympus, uncovering the mysteries hidden from him along the way. Every run in Hades is heavily randomized, with skills, dispositions, and even some bosses undergoing drastic changes per run. As the player upgrades some of their abilities and weapons, this game is a constant battle to improve, try new loadouts, and prove that the gods aren’t as infallible as they like to think.

Some a little different

Apart from traditional video games, we also have to give props to another hugely popular form of Android interactive entertainment: online casino games. Online game titles like slots borrow from a wide range of themes and concepts, with some of the most popular being heavily inspired by Greek mythology. With many of these websites such as BetMGM and 888 Casino sharing titles, there is also great flexibility as to where players can engage, depending on what they want from bonuses and the style of the game. website.

Some of the most popular Greek mythology-inspired games on casino services include Hades Gigablox (not related to Hades above), Medusa, The Golden Owl of Athena, and Achilles Deluxe. Each of these has lower requirements than all of the titles above, and each only requires browser access for players to play.

The big advantage of these four options should be that no matter how you like to play, the Android market will have something for you. Whether it’s taking a few rounds or spending hours building a character to defeat the lord of the underworld, the classic Greek-inspired titles are varied and only expanding. Don’t forget to take a power bank with you, because you can’t expect Zeus to step in if the worst should happen. Or, maybe you can.