The Dark Knight Trilogy Wasn’t a “Gritty” Reboot

Dark, gritty and more grounded are the characteristics most people are likely to name when describing Christopher Nolan. Dark Knight Trilogyand yet the meaning behind the second of those words is often lost when judging these three movies, whether it’s done to compare Batman to other superheroes or not.

The word gritty began to take on its current meaning in the late 19th century when it began to be used to describe “a literary style that was rough and coarse”, however, which morphed into the description “realistic and crude which might as well make the word a synonym for “founded”. Without delving too deeply into the linguistics that relate to Batman, it’s really hard to call Nolan’s sucked-in realism a “raw and sure” movie in any way, which is probably a key element that led to its enormous success.


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The age of the gritty reboot

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight

Batman begins the immediate “gritty successor” was none other than James Bond, another glorious hero of the 60s who, much like Bruce Wayne, descended into ridicule after batman and robin and die another day resulted in one of the biggest meltdowns every franchise has ever seen. It’s no secret that Paul Haggis had batman begins in his mind writing Casino Royale going so far as to say they wanted to do for 007 what this movie did for Batman, nonetheless, the endings of both films show that these attempts were originally planned as part of a largely simplified and carefully planned story.

After all, batman begins ends with the card shaped warning sign that the Joker is coming and Casino Royale The ending was designed to tie directly into its sequel as Bond struggles to come to terms with Vesper’s betrayal and death. These two endings perhaps help set the original “gritty reboots” away from the rest that followed, as Hollywood splashed the buzzword “gritty” into everything from The Amazing Spider-Man, Planet of the Apes, Steel man, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceand even Snow White and the Hunter, all who have suffered from a lack of a sufficiently coherent structure, especially those who have suffered after-effects.

While it’s naïve to completely rule out the presence of grit in Nolan’s work, the movies themselves can’t be credited with giving Batman those vibes since all the director did was s inspired by the very comics that brought the Caped Crusader to life. The difference lies in the nature of from batman the source material started to get darker in the ’80s thanks in part to the work of Frank Miller, who had previously prompted Tim Burton to come up with his own dark and brooding version of Batman in both of his movies, meaning Batman can’t not suddenly become gritty when it is a large part of its essence in the first place that had already been spotted by another filmmaker.


In Bond’s case, 007’s iconic themes in movies were often his villains and over-the-top personas, but for Batman, that wasn’t the case. What really made both movies great wasn’t their gritty aspects, rather it was the desire to create stories that played on the motivations of the characters involved, rather than just using them as vehicles to represent tropes dated from their source material. which were often what robbed even the gimmick-heavy versions of Batman and Bond of a more serious or realistic tone.

An enemy in every corner

Two-Face as depicted in The Dark Knight

The idea of ​​superhero movies having more than one villain is by no means groundbreaking, nonetheless, what Nolan achieves in his Dark Knight Trilogy taking that concept and finding a way to stretch it into a compelling story across his three films. batman begins sees 4 opposing schools of thought go head-to-head: Bruce, Ra’s al Ghul, the Scarecrow, and Carmine Falcone; The black Knight has Batman, Joker and Harvey Dent; The dark knight rises has Bruce, Selina, Talia and, to a lesser extent, Bane.

Nolan’s movies are broken down into acts quite neatly, which Zach Snyder had a hard time dealing with as evidenced by dawn of justice and the director’s need to make his Justice League a four hour affair. Whether it’s bringing down Falcone, the death of Ra’s al Ghul, the tragedy that causes Dent to lose his mind, or Bane who breaks his back, Batman’s great fights almost always result in a dramatic twist or lesson that shapes Bruce’s beliefs for the future.

Scores from this Batman era also see the Hans Zimmer and Nolan partnership teaming up for a musical medium that is anything but grounded as it features the massive sound (which arguably befits Batman) that is usually associated with the composer’s work. Batman and James Bond reboots might be gritty, but it’s not the choice of a darker color palette, more plausible narratives, or their characters’ nihilistic beliefs that make them worth talking about. where the reason why most of their imitators feel they fall short of both Achievements.

Even Nolan’s Gotham Isn’t As Dark As Burton’s, Not To Mention What Matt Reeves Is Trying With It The Batmanas the city still maintains a pristine appearance in most shots and hardly attracts many viewers. Batman’s the team said they wanted to beat Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogybut even early previews of the film suggest it takes a lot more than just adding some magical “grit” substance to a film, which is just a tiny fraction of what Nolan did 17 years ago. .

The Batman will be released exclusively in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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