The 5 Best Casino and Gambling eBooks


I’m a real bookworm but I’ve only read one book on gambling and non-GamStop casinos: Casino. Hey, it’s not a movie? Yes, it’s true, it’s a movie. A good one too, with Robert de Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. The movie is from 1995 and may be a little dated, but if you haven’t seen it yet, do it! It’s not for nothing that it gets an 8.2 on IMdB.

Back to the book, I may even still have it somewhere in my library. The book is also from 1995 and is written by Nicholas Pillegi, who also wrote the screenplay for the film. The book had been written before, but director Scorsese wanted to release the film before the book was released.

Another well-known casino book is Casino Royale. Hey, it’s not a movie too? Again, but this 2006 movie has its origins in the first James Bond book written by Ian Fleming: Casino Royale was released in book form in 1953. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book. Maybe I should make one after all, since I’m getting more and more into the world of gambling and non-GamStop casinos… For more information, click here.

But in addition to the two “Usual Suspects” (also a movie, which has nothing to do with gambling and is also not based on a book), there are many other books that deal with casinos and games of chance. Some fiction or reading fiction, like Casino (which is true) and Casino Royale, but there are also many “manuals” on how to play. Which are the best (according to the experts)?

Burning the tables in Las Vegas – Ian Anderson

In the 1970s, Anderson wrote Turning the Tables on Las Vegas, a book that marked the start of many blackjack careers. After that, he disappeared from the radar for years, until 2002 with Burning the Tables in Las Vegas. Anderson himself was a blackjack player who liked to bet high. Between the two books, he perfected his game, not only at blackjack but also at poker and other games of life, as he calls them.

How do you become a blackjack expert? Anderson tells it in his book.

Anderson’s techniques combine elements of math, psychology, and being mentally and physically healthy; this is his approach to winning. All aspects of the game of blackjack are explained in the book.

Plus, he entertains you with anecdotes and stories from his casino adventures around the world. A must read for anyone who wants to play professional blackjack.

Comped – Bill Kearney

Comped means something like “it’s paid for you” or “you get it for free”. In Comped, the story of Richie V plays the main role. You follow the adventures of this High Roller during his short life spent in front of the casinos and all that they offer him. From limos, suites and helicopters to penthouses, they’ll pay anything for him as long as he plays.

The book is based on a true story. Bill Kearney spent over 15 years researching every gambling story, reading every book, and concluded that no book tells the truth. He made the story fictional because otherwise every casino would lie before publication. Comped was released in 2001 and is available on Amazon.

Video Poker for the Smart Beginner – Bob Dancer

Bob Dancer is a master of video poker and has put his tips and tricks down to paper. The book is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to win at video poker. Bob lays out all his techniques for finding the games with the best returns. Moreover, it shows how to use the perfect strategies for the highest profit.

Blackjack Black Belt – Arnold Snyder

Blackjack is a popular topic for writing how-to books. The slogan of this book is Playing Blackjack as a Martial Art. In 21 chapters (could it be a coincidence?) Snyder takes you into the world of blackjack and teaches you between the lines how to become a professional player.

Snyder is a legendary blackjack player himself and has tips and tricks to help you win big bucks with the popular card game. Whether it’s team play, card holding, or stealth techniques, you’ll find it all in this book.

Beat the Dealer – Edward O. Thorp

It is also blackjack, as the slogan shows: A winning strategy for the game of twenty-one. In other words, Thorp also wants to teach you how to win a game of blackjack. What sets the book apart from others is that Thorp is a card counting pro and has valuable knowledge of the game.

Thorp explains how to win using the point system. And he should know, he has a college degree in mathematics and has been associated with several top institutions such as MIT.

Winning becomes easy with the tables in the book. And the book has helped generations of blackjack players since its release in 1966. It’s also called the bible of blackjack, and of course, the bible never gets old.

This is also evident from the fact that an e-book of the book was published in 2016.

Game 102 – Mike Shacklefold

The best strategies for all casino games. Not as comprehensive as instructive books on a subject, but in 19 chapters, Shacklefold gives the best strategies for the most common casino games. Prior to this, the writer gambled in casinos for a year, combining this research with mathematical calculations and computer models.

An explanation of casino games can be found in Gambling 101, 102 takes you to a deeper level and shows you how to play the best game with the least amount of effort. So don’t expect ground rules on casino games. Whether you want to play baccarat or video poker, sic bo or craps, clear and precise explanations are always at your fingertips with this book.