Spirit Of Vengeance Details That Will Set Your Skull On Fire

“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor recalled on the Look Back Machine podcast that they were first drawn to the project by a decidedly R-rated script written by David S. Goyer. While the two had different comic book backgrounds (Taylor loved comic books while Neveldine never dabbled in them), both saw this initial storyline as being in line with their previous projects as ” Crank”. Excited by the prospect of pursuing their love of action movie mayhem on a larger canvas, the duo agreed to the gig.

Unfortunately, according to Neveldine and Taylor, the script for “Spirit of Vengeance” kept getting drastically reworked as pre-production continued. Eventually, not much remained of Goyer’s script in the final product. Worse, the barrage of rewrites had created some weird plot elements, such as Satan (Ciaran Hinds) simply walking the Earth, it made no sense. Neveldine and Taylor attempted to incorporate small self-flashing gags to help soften the impact of these storytelling details, but they weren’t enough to salvage the script’s crushing glitches. The original promise of “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” to the directors has flattened due to the evolving storyline.