Record Performance in Sports Betting Enables Italian Gambling Revenue to Reach € 351.2 Million in February | Finance

The Italian video game market experienced its second best month in history in February 2021, thanks to record online sports betting revenues at a time when retail betting stores were closed.

According to figures provided by Ficom Leisure to iGB, revenues from all online verticals increased 4.6% from January to 351.2 million euros, just behind the record set in December 2020. Compared with February 2020 – the last month before Italy’s lockdown – revenue was up 94.8%.

This month-over-month revenue growth was mainly driven by a significant increase in sports betting revenue to an all-time high of 185.5 million euros, with betting accounting for more than half of total online revenue from Italy.

The closure of all retail betting stores across the country played a significant role in this growth, but online betting revenue also rose 29.4% from January, which also failed retail betting.

Bet365, PlanetWin365, Snai, Eurobet, Goldbet and Sisal remained the six largest operators with over 10% of the online betting market each, but there have been significant changes within this group. Goldbet returned to being the market leader, having occupied that spot in December, followed by Sisal and Snai, while Bet365 moved up from third to sixth.

Even without any income from the retail sector, overall sports betting income was at the same level as in February 2020, as the vertical recorded its second best month since the start of the first lockdown, behind October 2020.

Regarding online casinos, revenues are down 12.3% on a month but up 83.1% year on year to 143.0 million euros. While in absolute terms this was the third best month on record for online casinos in Italy, the vertical sector had its lowest revenue share since December 2017 at 40.7%.

PokerStars remained the top operator, although its revenue share fell to 10.4%, while Sisal closed the gap as its market share rose to 9.5%. Snai, 888 and Lottomatica followed with over 7.5% of revenue each.

Poker revenue was down from the previous three months but still well above February 2020, with tournaments grossing € 9.8 million, up 43.4% year over year , and cash games of 6.7 million euros, up 33.5%.

PokerStars continued to dominate the market, but its share of tournament revenue fell below 50% for the first time since iGB started releasing data in 2017. This happened as Sisal, Snai, Eurobet and E-Play 24/7 have all seen their market shares increase. .

In cash games, PokerStars increased its January market share to 44.4%, with Lottomatica far second and third with 6.8% and 6.3% of the market, respectively.

All of the regulator’s data and figures are handled by Europe’s leading business consultancy firm, Ficom Leisure, which specializes in all segments of the betting and gaming industry.

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