Police investigate shooting Tuesday night in Natchez – Mississippi’s best community newspaper

NATCHEZ – Residents of downtown Natchez were rocked by “rapid gunfire” in the middle of the night on Tuesday, according to social media.

One of them described what “looked like an AK-47” in the city center.

Natchez Police Chief Joseph Daughtry later confirmed that around 11 p.m. gunshots were reported around the Zipy food store at 320 Martin Luther King Street, which is also near homes , a cathedral church and several businesses.

No one who made a report saw where the shots were coming from, Daughtry said.

A man entered the store and before he could exit his vehicle was hit by bullets, Daughtry said, adding that the man remained inside the store when he heard the shots.

“He didn’t see anyone. His vehicle was hit and we recovered several shell casings that are being sent to the state criminal lab. He is still under investigation.

It is unclear why the shooting took place, as no one with information about it came forward, Daughtry said.

“They are reluctant to give us the whole story,” he said.

Following this incident and other recent incidents, Daughtry said he was working with Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson to strengthen the law on shooting guns within city limits.

“On New Years Eve, someone shot a gun in the air and the bullet fell through the ceiling of Magnolia Bluff Casino and hit a woman in the back,” Daughtry said. He added that the bullet slowed enough not to puncture or seriously injure the woman.

“It bothers me, which is why I am now working with the mayor to do something with our city ordinance. … We are going to change it.

Daughtry said he was not ready to elaborate on the changes to the city ordinance until he presents it to the mayor and council of aldermen, possibly at the next meeting of the advice.

“I can say that we take this very seriously and we have had a number of conversations about it with law enforcement and with our judicial authorities,” Gibson said. “That’s all I can say at the moment as there is an ongoing investigation.”

Daughtry encouraged anyone with information to contact the Natchez Police Department at 601-445-5565 or Southwest Mississippi Regional Crime Stoppers at 888-442-5001 to leave an anonymous tip.