Ong Bak’s Most Important Scene Isn’t Actually One Of The Fight Scenes

The most important action scene from Tony Jaa’s hit Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior is not one of his many amazing martial arts fights. The first movie of Ongbak The trilogy was stuntman Tony Jaa’s first time as a leading man. The jaw-dropping fight choreography and stunts made the film an instant martial arts classic, but as far as OngbakThe Muay Thai-based fight scenes are the film’s most enduring, less combat-oriented action sequence.


Ong Bak’s most important scene is the foot chase through the streets of Bangkok, in which Ting (Jaa), along with Humlae (Petchtai Wongkamlao) and Muay Lek (Pumwaree Yodkamol), flee from a gang of pursuers. When it comes to big-screen foot chases, Ongbakis one of the best ever filmed. Meanwhile, several key attributes make this the most prominent action scene in Jaa’s masterpiece, including the scene’s stunts and use of parkour.

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With Ongbak, Tony Jaa was determined to amaze audiences around the world with stunts straight out of Jackie Chan’s debut filmography. While there are plenty of amazing stunts throughout the film, the foot chase has some of its most jaw-dropping moments. Whether Jaa is jumping over sharp objects, running over the shoulders of the chasing gang, or skidding under a speeding car while doing a split, the constant stunts of OngbakThe chases are spectacular, inventive and thrilling.

Some of the film’s most talked about specific stunts are also present in the foot chase, such as when Jaa jumps through a ring of barbed wire to escape his enemies. Seconds later, he somersaults through the narrow space between two panes of glass. Part of the chase sees Tony Jaa’s protagonist Ting stop to fight some opponents very impressively, but he soon resumes the chase. With such forward momentum, ongbakThe pursuit of also got a head start on a later action movie craze.

Ting runs on the shoulders of armed thugs

OngbakThe chase scene in is essentially a parkour sequence, although it is not named as such. Parkour would become a cultural trend soon after Ongbak(2003), with the French action film District 13 arriving in cinemas in 2004. Parkour would continue to grow in popularity with its use in action films, including the sequel District 13: Ultimatum, Casino Royaleand the Assassin’s Creed franchise. However, OngbakThe pursuit on foot was ahead of the parkour game.

Jaa would find great success with hits like Furious 7, Triple Threatand Tony Jaa’s most important film SPL 2while Ongbak is rightly considered one of the greatest martial arts films ever made. The irony of this achievement is that while his fight scenes are indeed incredible, Tony Jaa’s chase scene in Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior shows that sometimes running away from a fight is the surest path to victory.

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