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Daniel Craig saddened James Bond fans last year when his journey as 007 came to an end – and what better way to end his journey? His final moments in No Time To Die were incredibly heroic; he sacrificed himself for the women in his life, concluding the spy story once and for all.

But in the future, who could fill their shoes? After replacing Pierce Brosnan, Craig played Bond for 15 years in five films. The next actor to jump into the tux will surely have to make a similar change. The official announcement will likely take place sometime next year, but until then, odds are all we have to go on.

The ever-changing Bond odds have placed three huge stars at the top of betting this weekend – but Tom Hardy is nowhere near the top.

Hardy has built a powerful fandom for himself over the past few years.

The Venom actor has become one of Britain’s most popular stars after appearing in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Legend.

But, according to Ladbrokes, Hardy’s chances are not good.

Currently, he has a measly 6/1 becoming the new and improved 007.

It’s easy to see why Hardy was left in the dust, as the 44-year-old has strong competition.

Ahead of him in third place is Idris Elba, who recently hit cinema screens in the latest Thor movie: Thor Love and Thunder.

The British icon has an incredible 4/1 on becoming the next actor to play Bond – but he’s not sure he wants to. He recently confessed that he was content to play BBC detective Luther instead.

Still, he has a good shot at 007. But maybe not as good as a Bridgerton idol.

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The real threat is at the top of the Bond ratings.

Currently the favorite to play James Bond is Henry Cavill. The British Superman actor has an impeccable 2/1 to claim the role, and it might be high time for him to grab the job with both hands.

The Witcher actor previously faced Craig during the audition process for Casino Royale in 2005.

But disaster struck when the director, Martin Campbell, saw his waistline.

Cavill recalled being told he looked “a little chubby” during the audition. Soon after, he learned he had lost the role to Craig.

He later confessed that he “didn’t know how to diet or train” properly. A problem he has since solved.

Ladbrokes appear confident with their three favourites, as the company’s Alex Apati said: “It looks increasingly likely to be a three-horse race to play Bond next, with Henry Cavill, Regé-Jean Page and Idris Elba starting to run away in the bet.”

James Bond No Time To Die is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.