MXDWN Movies Best movies of 2021

MXDWN Movies Best movies of 2021

For the first time since early 2020, cinemas were back in full force this year. While it took a while to get to this point, 2021 has reminded moviegoers what it’s like to watch a movie with a full house. Most of the versions were not pushed back, Spider-Man: No Coming Home became the first film to gross $ 1 billion since 2019, and Warner Bros. has managed to release its entire film schedule on its streaming platform, HBO Max. Even though it wasn’t perfect, the movies were back.

After all the movies released this year, MXDWN Movies have decided to dedicate a list of the ten best movies of the year. From small indie movies to big blockbusters, the films team here at MXDWN have compiled a wide variety of their favorite movies. This has been voted on by all of our writers and editors here. Before jumping into the top ten list, here are some honorable mentions: Black Widow, House of Gucci, The Power of the Dog, Belfast, Last Night in Soho and Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings.

10. The suicide squad

“The DC Cinematic Universe is, frankly, a mess, but The suicide squad gives hope to DC fans. Its mix of dark comedy and endearing characters makes it a quirky superhero flick. While this isn’t your typical superhero movie, The suicide squad proves that darker, R-rated superhero movies can be successful and enjoyable. –Eric johnson

9. Titanium

“Armed with an original script and performance worthy of an Agathe Rousselle award, this French horror film is truly a work of art, even if this art is not for the sensitive souls of the public. conventional. With unforgettable images, outstanding performance and an enduring theme of love and acceptance makes Titanium an extraordinary film in all its aspects. It’s violent, erotic and deeply moving. It truly is an emotional race that you will never forget. –Rick Rice

“Ducournau hits spectators in the face, spits on them, then miraculously creates a father-son pseudo-tale that is the exact opposite of the first thirty minutes. Titanium is a triumph and a very human story. –Tyler justin pruyn

8 the green knight

“The Green Knight was such a beautiful movie, I just don’t understand how it went so unnoticed in 2021.” –José Pedro Eichenseer

“Lowery immerses the viewer in the idyllic and romanticized Arthurian legend. The film never lets go of the audience and is captivating from start to finish. The story is dark, frustrating, and overall wonderful. –Tyler justin pruyn

7. No time to die

No time to die finally released in theaters this year after years of build-up and too many delays from the COVID-19 era. It’s a fitting swan song for Daniel Craig as he almost perfectly embodied the dashing character that has been built up over the decades by many prominent actors. Rami Malek’s share might be a bit too small in the end result (as it’s Christoph Waltz’s turn), but beyond that it’s an almost perfect bookend for the lineage that has start with Casino Royale. “-Raymond Flotat

6. The French dispatch

The French dispatch belongs to a museum. –Tyler justin pruyn

5. King Richard

king richard is an amazing story and is one of the best sports movies I have ever seen. The conflict and relational dimensions were filled to the brim with inspiring authenticity. This film was not lacking in film essentials, as can be common in sports films, and is a fair candidate for Academy recognition. –Lauren Vander Tuig

4. History of the West Side

“Remakes are often never as good as their original, but every once in a while there is an exception. Steven Spielberg does the impossible by bringing the Broadway-inspired story to the big screen for all audiences to enjoy, which picks up on the heart of the 1961 film and, in many ways, made a film far superior. Everything about this movie is pure magic. The cast, costumes, stunning dance choreography, production design, and music all come together to cheer the audience on and even get some of us singing. The themes are more prescient than ever and the heart is never lost. With an award-worthy performance from talented young Rachel Zegler as Maria and Ansel Elgort as Tony, together they brought the love and passion of West Side Story for a new generation to fall. in love. I laughed, clapped, sang and even cried while watching the beautiful West Side Story. Spielberg reminds us once again of his formidable talents which have ensured him one of the greatest directors in business today. Well done!” –Rick Rice

“Tony Kushner’s screenplay manages to find new nuances in one of the great American musicals. Presenting this story as a period drama as opposed to the contemporary original allows the import of a historical context that deepens and expands the original themes. Steven Spielberg’s blocking is out of this world, Justin Peck manages to stay true to the style of the original without recycling Jerome Robbins’ choreography, and Janusz Kaminski is producing some of the year’s most standout footage. The shot of the puddle during “Maria” and the two shots that frame the rumble sequence are some of the best in all of Spielberg’s cannon. “-Joshua Goodstein

3. Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza is a reminder of the sheer depth and power of cinema. As you watch each image move and unfold, your love for the characters becomes deeper and deeper. With wonderful musical accompaniment of deep cuts from the 70s, Licorice Pizza never slows down or just keeps having fun. Paul Thomas Anderson weaves the vignettes with incredible fluidity. A meeting film that is part of the biggest leagues. –Max Mulderrig

“PTA is back in the 70s and it’s just a big time. Haim and Hoffman bring to life an already incredible material that essentially hangs out in the San Fernando Valley for 2 hours. It hits in almost every way. –Tyler justin pruyn

Licorice Pizza hypnotized me the whole time I was in the theater. Paul Thomas Anderson beautifully told a love story juxtaposing an innocent, melancholy love with an indulgent kind of love, “it’s so bad it’s good”. Bradley Cooper’s vibes, the Haim sisters, hilarious looks, cinematography, and costume design were also top notch. –Nicole dwyer

2. Dune

“I know a lot of people don’t like this movie because there’s not much going on, but I’m a huge fan of world building. This obviously sets the tone and trajectory of the sequels (this is an installation film, and I think it works well in that aspect). Overall, this is a typical sci-fi intro movie that I enjoyed. –Abby masucol

Dune is a visually stunning epic that cleverly reworks elements of the David Lynch version, with brilliant production design; it’s a big event, but it never insults the intelligence of the public. –Nacho pajin

1. Spider-Man: No Path Home

No way homeIt was the most entertaining film of the year. Real crowd pleaser with great story and comedy, love, action, character arc and more. There was everything. –José Pedro Eichenseer

“I feel like this Spider-Man was Sony’s redemption from the 2007 movie. It was a great combination of nostalgia and adventure. Plus, surprises you never expect. – Laurent Flynn

“Spider-Man: No way home is a breathtaking effort of a movie. One of the only times in history it was possible to draw on more than twenty years of shared fictional history. It takes a fiction well known to the public and builds and flesh it out. This tapestry becomes a rewarding investment for all the years fans have adopted the character of Spider-Man. Not to mention that it contains a row of acting skills from a murderer. “-Raymond Flotat

Spider-Man: No Coming Home reminds moviegoers that it’s still possible to have fun at the movies even after nearly a year of direct streaming releases. It’s a film of sheer fun and entertainment that brings a smile to die-hard Marvel fans and casual viewers alike. Watching Spider-Man swinging across a giant screen battling the evildoers is the break everyone needs in a dark world outside of the theater. –Eric johnson