Matt Damon and his passion for gambling: the biggest wins and losses

Matt Damon, the award-winning American actor, producer, and screenwriter, has starred in films like The Departed, The Martian, Jason Bourne, and Good Will Hunting, among others. He won several awards like Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting produced in 1998, Best Supporting Actor for his role in Invictus and Best Actor in The Martian.

Alongside his long acting career, Damon is one of gaming’s famous celebrities, adding to the long list of other movie stars like Ben Affleck, Leonardo Di Caprio and Sean Connery. His passion for gambling is said to have been inspired by his most recent film, Rounders, which is credited with starting the poker boom in 1998. He is said to have developed a strong interest in poker while researching for his role in the film – a sexy thriller about high-stakes underground poker.

In the movie Rounders, Damon plays main character Mike McDermott, a law student with exceptional talent and skill as a poker player. Despite his talent for playing poker, the student swears to stop playing after losing his money to a Russian gangster. He finds himself at the gambling tables, however, when his old friend is released from prison to help clear his friend’s debt.

Poker against the best

Away from the movie role, Damon is said to have spent a lot of time on certain sites to hone his gambling skills as a poker player. He could occasionally show up at various poker tournaments throughout his acting career. Players looking to hone their poker skills can try their hand at a no betting casino in canada while spending time online so they can eventually play for real money. To kickstart his passion for top casino poker, Damon joined the 1998 World Series of Poker (WSOP) while pursuing his role in Rounder. He lost $25,000 to retired American poker player and two-time World Series of Poker Main Event champion Doyle Brunson in what was potentially one of his substantial gambling losses.

In 2010, the actor made it to the main event of the WSOP, which drew sitcom star Ray Romano and fellow Oscar winner and close friend Ben Affleck. He lost again in an event that drew large crowds and was won by Canadian Jonathan Duhamel, who pocketed the $9 million prize.

One for charity

His love for the game led him to join the Ante Up for Africa 2009 event, a poker tournament that brings together celebrities from around the world. The tournament is known for donating all proceeds to charity. At the 2009 event, Damon joined 137 other celebrities and managed to play up to 35 players. He eventually left the competition won by Alex Bolotin from Belarus, who returned home with $177,730 in winnings and donated half the amount to charity.

At the time, Damon would have liked to raise a few pennies for his charitable projects, including Not on our watch project aimed at preventing mass atrocities in war zones like Darfur, and which he co-founded with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Pressman, Don Cheadle and Jerry Weintraub.

Other Gaming Celebrities in Canada

Although the game is not traditionally a Canadian culture, the last few years have seen a poker craze unleashed driven by favorable government regulations and a welcoming attitude towards games. Various players in the casino industry from around the world are also establishing stores in Canada offering a variety of games and wagering opportunities. Although casino marketing in Canada is mature and growing, the numerous wagering requirements sometimes discourage potential players from participating. Below is a detailed review of the best casinos in Canada that you can find online. Online gambling in Canada has attracted several major movie stars and entertainers who are either gamers or active gamers.

Pamela Anderson

The Canadian-American star is known for her iconic hit TV show Baywatch and although the 53-year-old has many hobbies and eccentricities, she is also an avid online gamer. Pamela has promoted several online gaming brands like Bally Gaming and Systems and even gambled for prizes of $250,000 in Las Vegas casinos, making her one of the top Vegas gamblers. She owns an online casino game Baywatch and in 2005 she launched the Pamela Anderson Playboy line of slot machines and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Considered a pioneer of dub, trap and EDM music and one of the most successful electronic music artists in modern history, Deadmau5 has repeatedly shared his love and support for professional casino gaming. His love for gaming inspired the launch of the EDM themed online slot game named Deadmau5.

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is one of Canada’s most successful music icons with more record sales and Billboard No.1 than any other Canadian artist alive today. In addition to his solid musical career, Bieber is also an actor and has starred in several films including misbehave and Zoolander 2.

Besides his music and acting career, he has a fondness for gambling, especially poker and blackjack. He is known for his high-stakes casino card games and frequents some of the swankiest poker rooms in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and London.


Drake is an avid party animal and known for spending large amounts of money on poker, roulette, and blackjack. He is on record for gambling over $200,000 in a single session at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City.

Best No Bet Casino Canada


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While Matt Damon may be a gaming enthusiast, he represents a fraction of the many movie stars and celebrities who have openly shown their fascination and support for the gaming industry has generally attracted. Damon’s interest in acting grew out of his acting career and continued many years after he first played Mike McDermott in Rounders.