Martin Campbell wants Henry Cavill to be the next James Bond, here’s why we’re so excited



“The name is Bond. James Bond. “(Catchy music plays in the background) We all know what those words do to our hearts and brains. And now what about the actor? From 1962 to 2021, various actors like Sean connery, Roger moore, Pierce brosnan, and Daniel craig appeared on our screens with their charismatic characters. Now maybe it’s time for another guy? And the name that appears here and there is Henri cavill. Now, though his name appears in James Bond’s casting proposal again, he’s still available for this legendary role. In fact, it was recently revealed that when discussions about who might be the next James Bond started online, it caused cavils to be everywhere with fanbois looking for him for the next job.

What did Cavill say about it?

In an interview with Movie Dweeb, when Cavill was asked about the discussion regarding James Bond. Since Henry previously thought he would play the role of 007, he was asked if not 007 if he would still be willing to sign up for the franchise as another character. Maybe still as a villain? And as an answer, he said he was still interested in working with the manager of Casino Royale. Martin campbell as well as producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson and will perform any type of role they deem appropriate for him.

Simply put, Henry Cavill is totally interested in teaming up with the James Bond franchise regardless of whether he’s offered to play the villain or any other character other than James Bond. If the director and producers have Henry Cavill in mind, the character of James Bond will be within his grasp. So if we’re hoping to see Cavill reprise the role of 007, it won’t be overkill at all. But the subject of finding someone new for the role is unlikely to start until next year.

Why should he get the role?

Besides his compatibility with the role, another reason his appearance is so high profile among fans is that Henry Cavill was pretty close to getting the role of James Bond once earlier. After the Die another day star Pierce Brosnan left the franchise, director Martin Campbell was looking for a replacement for his film Casino Royale, and this time he mentioned that aside from Daniel Craig, Henry Cavil was the only actor he had his eyes set on. But Henry Cavill was ultimately ruled out due to his young age and Craig was selected to be more compatible. Now, surprisingly, Cavill is the same age of 38, just as Craig was during the Casino Royale days.

As No Time to Die was the fifth and final film starring Daniel Craig as 007, the legendary actor will not appear in the James Bond franchise. Time will therefore decide who will be the next James Bond, but as the hearts of many fans say, Henry Cavill will ultimately not be a bad choice!