Madonna’s ‘Die Another Day’ is second most expensive music video

Madonna made an appearance in the James Bond film Die Another Day and also recorded its theme song, which boasts the second most expensive music video.

Madonna’s Bond Theme”die another dayis still the second most expensive music video ever produced. die another day marked an important turning point for the James Bond franchise. The film came in the middle of The Bourne Identity and 24 reinventing spy thrillers, which offered more serious and grounded versions of the genre. die another dayon the other hand, felt hopelessly overwhelmed with hokey humor and jokes, in addition to wacky action sequences that often failed to engage.

Although Pierce Brosnan made a great connection, there was little he could do to save die another day – which wasn’t Brosnan’s last performance either. The film is now considered one of the worst entries in the entire series, if not the worst. The sequel was still a respectable box office hit, but producers looked at the changing landscape of the genre and decided a total reboot was needed. It also coincided with the studio securing the rights to Ian Fleming Casino Royale, which served as the origin story of James Bond. 2006 Casino Royale thus featured the run of Daniel Craig as 007, who is considered one of the best actors to take on the role.


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Of course, any James Bond movie needs a theme song, and it felt like die another day was in good hands with Madonna. The iconic singer has recorded various film themes throughout her career, including “Beautiful Stranger” for the second Austin Powers. Madonna’s Bond Song ‘Die Another Day’ Isn’t One of the Best Themes – Like Chris Cornell’s Underrated Casino Royale song – from the franchise, although it boosts the second most expensive music video, which cost $6 million.

Madonna’s “Die Another Day” is a mix of electronic and string music, and received very mixed reviews for its repetitive nature. In general, Madonna’s connection with die another day received mixed reviews, particularly her bizarre cameo during the film’s fencing scene. Still, Madonna’s Bond theme “Die Another Day” has an impressive music video, which sees the singer held prisoner and withstanding torture, while cutting to an elaborate fight between white and black fencers – both played by Madonna.

“Die Another Day” is the second most expensive video behind Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream,” which still leads the way with $7 million. The fencing moments seem to represent a symbolic fight between good and evil that rages within Madonna’s character. They take this fight to a room full of James Bond movie Easter eggs, including Oddjob’s hat and a 007 portrait of Pierce Brosnan. The torture segments concern the opening of die another day itself, which featured 007 being captured and interrogated in North Korea, a credits scene that Madonna’s song plays on. Seems like most of Madonna’s Bond song budget”die another daywent to battle between Madonna’s duels, which sees the two smash endless amounts of glass.

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