Kindred supports Women in Racing which expands the Racing Home project

May 11, 2022

(PRESS RELEASE) — Kindred is expanding its partnership with Women in Racing on the “Racing Home” program, to educate and empower all stakeholders in the racing industry about motherhood and parenting. “Racing Home” is now launching an online educational portal, as well as a rehabilitation program and a series of podcasts to further support working parents.

Kindred Group plc continues, through the Unibet and 32Red brands, to participate in the Women in Racing ‘Racing Home’ programme, supporting working parents in the racing industry. This next phase of the ‘Racing Home’ program includes the launch of a new online education portal, expert advice for mothers returning to riding after pregnancy, as well as a series of insightful podcasts hosted by the Equine veterinarian and podcast producer Naomi Mellor.

Working parents, especially women and those planning to start a family, can face significant challenges. With the launch of the Racing Home portal today, employers, employees and self-employed in the racing industry will have easy access to information on rights and entitlements relating to pregnancy, maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental leave, flexible working, autonomy -employment and legal remuneration.

“The objectives of the ‘Racing Home’ platform are closely aligned with Kindred’s sustainability strategy and our ambition to achieve a 50/50 gender balance in senior management. It is important for us to ‘providing our employees with a positive work/family balance, with a supportive work environment, because we believe this is how our employees perform at their best. We are proud to partner with Women in Racing as part of the ‘Racing Home’ initiative to further support working parents in the industry,” said Henrik Tjärnström, Managing Director of Kindred Group.

“Women in Racing is incredibly proud to work with Kindred Group and launch our Racing Home Project initiatives. The work we have undertaken has identified some serious challenges faced by mothers and parents working in the horse racing industry. Two years of research and webinars have led Women in Racing in tandem with Simply Racing and industry stakeholders to develop meaningful solutions that will positively impact the working lives of many people.We are confident that these initiatives will make significant positive changes in the lives of many people,” said Tallulah Lewis, President of Women in Racing.