Kindred Detailed Plans for Exclusive Sports Betting – Product and Technology

Kindred Group has laid out its plan to create a first-party bookmaker, saying it signals operator Unibet’s intention to become a more “customer experience focused” organisation.

When announcing an extension to its partnership with Kambi earlier this month, Kindred revealed that it had to develop a sportsbook in-house and stop using its former subsidiary’s technology. This will be built around its horse racing betting product, Kindred Racing Platform, and is expected to launch in 2024.

Providing more information on the new sports betting product, product manager Erik Bäcklund said the move will give Kindred greater control over what it offers customers.

“Underlying our strategic intent is to move from a sales and marketing focused business to a product and customer experience focused organization,” he explained. “A key part of this strategy is having full control of our product suite.”

Bäcklund added that a first-party bookmaker was the “missing piece of the puzzle” for Kindred, having acquired online casino provider Relax Gaming in 2021.

“After the extremely successful development of our racing platform, the opportunity to expand its capabilities into a full-fledged sports betting platform was obvious,” Bäcklund said. “In fact, it was built with the sport in mind from the start.

“That’s the path we’re on and we’re continuing to make really good progress behind the scenes.”

He added that the bookmaker will include a number of automated processes for trading, among other things.

“The platform’s headlines include broad integration of fast and rich data, sophisticated presentation algorithms, and automation in as many operational areas as possible,” he said. “This includes trading and margin management.”

Meanwhile, the head of the trading group, Ben Colley, revealed that the operator’s racing product had been designed with a view to one day being extended to cover sports betting as well.

“Since we launched the running product a few years ago, it has exceeded some lofty expectations,” he said. “We set out to create what we considered to be the first truly 24/7 racing product, with as much streaming and rich content as we could get our hands on.

“When we started building this racing platform we always had our eye on a possible future role in mainstream sports betting so the paving slabs were laid a while ago for what we are working on. currently.”

Colley added that he still sees room for a relationship with Kambi and Sportradar – which in 2019 acquired the Optima platform used by Kindred – despite plans to create a new sports betting product.

“Our main sports betting providers, Kambi and Optima (Sportradar), are both excellent and very well established products that have worked well for Kindred for many years,” he said. “Indeed, we see a future partnership with Kambi and Sportradar as one that evolves with our own proprietary aspirations.”