Jeffrey Wright Responds to the Fates of James Bond and Felix in a Snap

Jeffrey Wright reveals he’s happy with how the emotional deaths of Felix Leiter and James Bond were handled in No Time To Die.

Jeffrey Wright reveals he’s happy with James Bond and Felix Leiter’s double death in no time to die. After many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no time to die finally hit theaters last October, serving as a farewell to Daniel Craig’s take on 007. The film received generally positive reviews from audiences and critics alike and saw Bond take on Lyutsifer Safin (Rami Malek), a bioterrorist trying to unleash a deadly plague on the world.

In a franchise first, no time to die ended with Bond’s final death. After being infected with the plague of Safin’s nanobots, Bond chooses to stay on the villain’s island and meets his doom at the hands of a barrage of MI6 missiles. Before Bond finally sacrifices himself, however, no time to die also sees the death of Felix de Wright, a CIA agent and friend of Bond. Although appearing in a number of 007 films over the past few decades portrayed by various actors, Wright’s version of the character was first introduced in 2006. Casino Royale and would appear again in Quantum of Comfort. The character was absent from both celestial fall and Spectrum but eventually came back no time to die seek Bond’s help in Jamaica.


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In a new interview with THR, Wright reveals that ultimately he is happy with Bond and Felix’s dual fates. He claims that he and Craig”ran well“and that the deaths of both characters are handled in a way that”celebrate the bondbetween them. Check out Wright’s full comment below:

“Well, Daniel and I had a great run, and if he’s going to go out, we should, in a way, go out together. So I liked the way we completed it, and what it did is to celebrate the bond – for lack of a better word – between the two characters, in an appropriate way.”

Felix Leiter Quantum Of Solace

Although Felix hasn’t been in every Craig’s Bond film, the two characters clearly shared some sort of friendship after they first met in Casino Royale. Bond is – and always has been – a relatively solitary individual, and Felix represents one of the few people he seemed to rely on and connect with over the years. When Felix dies in no time to dieBond basically has to say goodbye to the only friend he’s ever had, which makes the moment particularly touching.

Although mostly overshadowed by the death of Bond himself, the deaths of Felix and Bond represent in a sense a murder of the old guard. With the introduction of characters like Nomi and Paloma, no time to die makes it clear that Bond and Felix are part of a dying breed in many ways. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the James Bond franchise, but Wright’s comments suggest he’s happy with how things ended for his character and that of Craig in no time to die.

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