James Bond’s 10 Closest Allies

For the most part, James Bond is a lone wolf who single-handedly takes down megalomaniacs and foils evil plans across the globe. But he couldn’t do it all on his own; he has plenty of friends to help him along the way.

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M gives him his assignments, Q gives him his gadgets, Felix Leiter provides him with additional information in the field, and a bunch of love interests have made reliable sidekicks. From his friend Quarrel in Dr. No to his MI6 replacement Nomi in no time to die007 has worked with some very helpful allies over the past 60 years.

ten Quarrel

A close up of Querelle in Dr No

When 007 travels to Jamaica to investigate the titular megalomaniac of Dr. No, Bond’s very first film, he ends up falling in love with shell diver Honey Ryder. He also makes a friend in Quarrel, a Cayman Islander who has been sent to secretly collect rock samples.

Prior to working with Bond, Quarrel worked with Felix Leiter and MI6 Station Chief John Strangeways (the one who hired him to collect the rock samples in the first place). Unfortunately, Quarrel doesn’t reach the end credits; he is horribly killed by a flamethrower tank.

9 Miss Moneypenny

Moneypenny points a gun in Skyfall

Traditionally, Miss Moneypenny is M’s secretary who flirts with Bond while waiting to meet his boss. But, over the years, this trope was recognized as problematic, and the character of Moneypenny was revamped during the Daniel Craig era.

Naomie Harris was chosen to play Moneypenny opposite Craig’s 007 starting with celestial fall, and this version of the character is not a secretary; he’s an armed field agent.


8 Anya Amasova

Barbara Bach Looking Down in The Spy Who Loved Me

Arguably the height of the Roger Moore era, The Spy Who Loved Me has one of the most compelling romantic subplots in the Bond franchise (although that’s not a particularly high bar to break, as the show’s love stories tend to be formulaic and one-dimensional). 007 falls in love with Anya Amasova, a KGB agent also known as “Agent XXX”.

There’s a pretty big hurdle to overcome in their relationship as it turns out Bond’s last assassination target was the love of Amasova’s life. But they manage to overcome this and team up to bring down Karl Stromberg’s evil organization.

7 Q

Ben Whishaw as Q No time to die

The leader of the Q Branch provides Bond with all the wacky futuristic gadgets he uses on his missions. Q’s gadgets are one of the defining features of the series.

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Q Branch’s gadgets made the Bond franchise a refreshing and fun change of pace from the grounded and serious spy thrillers of the early 1960s. These gadgets include a spiked umbrella, a bagpipe flamethrower, and a Lotus Esprit submersible.

6 Vesper Lynd

casino royale james bond shower vesper lynd

In Casino Royale, a naive young Bond falls so madly in love with Vesper Lynd that he leaves MI6 just to spend more time with her. As the film progresses, he discovers that she betrayed him, but later learns that she only betrayed him to save his life (it’s complicated).

Vesper tragically dies in the finale as Bond fails to save her from drowning in a sinking building. His passing has such a profound effect on 007 that he’s still processing it four films later in the opening of no time to die.

5 Wai Lin

Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies

Michelle Yeoh’s turn as Wai Lin opposite Pierce Brosnan’s Bond in media satire tomorrow never dies avoids all the usual pitfalls of the “Bond girl” archetype.

Wai Lin isn’t a one-note love or damsel in distress like the average “Bond girl.” She’s a competent secret agent in her own right – just as badass as Bond himself is.

4 name

James Bond and Nomi infiltrate Safin's HQ in No Time to Die

In Bond’s latest adventure, no time to die, Lashana Lynch appeared alongside Craig’s 007 as fellow MI6 badass Nomi. After Bond retires from active duty, Nomi resumes her callsign 007. As a suave, wise, and hyper-skilled spy in her own right, Nomi manages to live up to the iconic legacy of the 007 moniker.

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Bond and Nomi team up to destroy Safin’s lair in the final battle and develop a fun sort of “buddy cop” dynamic. They support each other, but there are also a lot of biting banter between the two.

3 Felix Leiter

Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter in Casino Royale

Felix Leiter is Bond’s contact at the CIA. Leiter often accompanies Bond into the field, fighting alongside him and providing key details in his ongoing investigations. Usually, Leiter is responsible for providing crucial exposure.

But the most recent version of Leiter, played by Jeffrey Wright, wasn’t just an explanatory supporting character. He had a real building arc to a heartbreaking death scene in no time to die.

2 Tracy Bond

Diana Rigg as Tracy Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

In George Lazenby’s one and only Bond outing, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 007 falls in love. Diana Rigg played Countess Teresa di Vicenzo, the first woman to marry Bond on screen.

Tragically, after they marry at the end of the film, Tracy is shot by the villains in a drive-by shooting. The film ends with a heartbroken 007 cradling the corpse of his fiancée.

1 M

Judi Dench in GoldenEye

Bond’s closest ally is easily his superior at MI6, M. As parodied by the Austin Powers character Basil Exposition, M is usually relegated to explanatory roles. 007’s boss gives him mission briefings at the start of the film and provides him with any help he needs along the way.

But some versions of M have shared an emotional connection with Bond in addition to their professional connection. celestial fall puts their personal relationship in the spotlight as 007 tries (and, sadly, fails) to protect Judi Dench’s M from a terrorist with a vendetta.

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