James Bond: Top 10 stunt doubles in the series

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the official James Bond series. There are many reasons why the series has been going on for so long, and the iconic James Bond one-liners are among the most important. Whenever someone thinks of Bond, a legendary 007 quote or two comes to mind. Whether it’s a bit of intentional annoyance at a colleague or an iconic introduction, there are plenty of examples of James Bond showing his spirit. With this being the franchise’s 60th anniversary and the search for a new Bond ongoing after Daniel Craig’s latest outing no time to die, it’s the perfect time to revisit the series and relive those great quotes. There are countless James Bond one-liners to choose from, but here are 10 of the wittiest and best-known 007 quotes.

10. “Positively shocking” – Goldfinger

Bond before saying his 007 funny quote

The third movie The golden finger, is where many believe the series really started to take off with late Bond girl Honor Blackman and of course the witty quotes from 007. This is proven in the cold open when Bond says the one of his most classic one-liners. During a fight with a would-be assassin, Bond flips the henchman into a bathtub full of water. 007 then drops a lamp into the water, electrocuting the man to death. While donning his jacket, Bond takes a look at the aftermath and says, “Shocking, positively shocking.” While the cornyness of the line is quite humorous, what adds to it is the fact that no one was in the room with him, meaning he just said it for his own amusement.

9. “Good pressure” – Goldeneye

Onnatop before dying and receiving a James Bond understudy in Goldeneye

x-men Star Famke Janssen plays the deadly and comedic named Xenia Onatopp in Pierce Brosnan’s first outing. Onatopp is an assassin who uses her looks and sensual nature to lure her targets into the chamber. Once there, she squeezes men to death like an Anaconda. Unsurprisingly, James is put on his roster after being hired by Alec Trevelyan. It’s also no surprise that Bond isn’t as easy to kill as his other victims. After several encounters throughout the film, she attacks Bond from above after jumping from a helicopter. After a struggle, her parachute becomes tangled in the blades of the helicopter, and she is crushed against a tree. Showing little sympathy for his nemesis, Brosnan delivers the classic James Bond one-liner, “She always enjoyed a good squeeze” alluding to his preferred method of assassination.

8. “Of course you are” – Diamonds are forever

Many showing up, causing a funny quote from 007

A running joke throughout the series is that some of the ladies have not-so-subtle innuendos like names like Pussy Galore in The golden finger. Another excellent example is Plenty O’Toole of Diamonds are forever. The writers didn’t even try to hide the nature of his name, as Bond bluntly acknowledges. As Bond tries his luck at a casino, Plenty approaches him and introduces himself. After saying “Hi, I’m Plenty!”, Bond simply says, “Of course you are.” The mockery of his name does not stop there. After revealing his surname of O’Toole, Bond says, “From your father’s name no doubt.” This is an example of a 007 quote that is dirty, but hilarious.

7. “Pretty Titillating” – The Man With The Golden Gun

Bond prepares for the duel

The James Bond one-liners began to get carried away with Roger Moore’s dumber era. There are plenty of examples from that era, but here’s one that’s so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh. The real name of the film’s titular villain is Francisco Scaramanga. Besides being a legendary sniper with a unique weapon, Scaramanga has another defining characteristic. The assassin has three nipples. When Bond is undercover as Scaramanga, he applies a fake third nipple to fool those around him that he is the real deal. Things are of course going south, prompting Bond to say “He found me quite exciting.” The third nipple plays little role in the plot outside of this scene, so one wonders if it was added just for the silly line.

6. “Nice Little Nothing” – Diamonds are forever

Toffany's pursuit was the subject of a James Bond stunt double

In the early Bond films, women weren’t exactly treated with dignity, and the 007 quotes bear this out. With few exceptions, most of the time, even those who are supposed to be independent end up being put down in some way. This is the case of Tiffany Case in Diamonds are forever. While Bond is undercover in her apartment, she walks into the room in an ensemble that leaves little to the imagination. Although her dress like this doesn’t make sense, it leads to a humorous line. Upon seeing it, Bond states “It’s a pretty little nothing you’re almost wearing.”

5. “Print Anything” – Tomorrow Never Dies

Bond prepares to kill Elliot Carver and gives a 007 quote

Pierce Brosnan’s second James Bond film features a plot involving a newspaper magnate. The 007 quotes write themselves, and for pun lovers, they don’t disappoint. The best of them come to the end, as every great James Bond should, after defeating a villain. When Bond finally defeats the main antagonist, he sends him over a railing into a newspaper press. The villain, named Elliot Carver, is horribly crushed between the presses and reduced to nothing more than bloodstains on the paper. In typical Bond fashion, he just watches the carnage and the jokes. “they print anything these days.” is the joke chosen for this occasion.

4. “Blew Their Mind” – No Time To Die

Primo received a brutal fate in No Time to Die

Daniel Craig’s turn as 007 is darker and more serious than Bonds of the past. Because of this, he doesn’t have as many stunt doubles in his arsenal. When he has them, they are top notch. He was a little more laid back no time to die, which led to some James Bond stunt doubles reminiscing about the past. One of them comes near the end during the long staircase battle. Earlier in the movie, Q gave Bond a watch that, in typical Q fashion, does a bit more. In this case, the watch emits an electromagnetic pulse. Bond puts the watch on this enemy’s head, and the EMP destroys his high-tech fake eye, blowing his head off in the process. While checking in with Q, he says, “I just showed someone your watch. It really blew them away.

3. “No, for me” – Goldeneye

Alec before he died after hearing a famous 007 quote

The main villain of golden eye is Alec Trevelyan. Trevelyan is a personal enemy of James as he is not only the former 006, but he was close friends with James before he faked his death. A line Trevelyan makes frequently throughout the films is “For England, James?” referring to the fact that James will do anything for Queen and Country. He says this in the opening flashback before James, in Alec’s eyes, leaves him for dead. He says it a few more times, including at the end just before James finishes him off. After giving the line, James says, “No, for me.” before throwing him to his death. this personal vendetta is one of the many reasons golden eye is one of the best Bond films.

2. “Shaken, not stirred”

Bond having a drink

Even those who have never seen a Bond movie are probably familiar with this line. When Bond orders a drink, he usually asks “Shaken, not stirred”. The line first appeared in The golden finger, which was also the first appearance of Bond’s famous Aston Martin. While the line doesn’t appear in every movie, it does in the majority, and for good reason. the line exudes softness and blends in perfectly with the character. There are many theories as to why he takes his drink this way, the most popular being that it’s harder to poison his drink when it’s not stirred.

1. “Bond, James Bond”

Daniel Craig before saying the famous 007 quote for the first time

There is nothing to say about this line and do it justice. To call it iconic is an understatement. The line is one of the most famous in movie history and is perhaps the most famous thing in movies next to gun barrels. The first time Bond is seen on screen in the first film, dr. No, he says the line. This is the part that many look forward to, and cheers are given when it’s said. Perhaps the best use is at the very end of Casino Royale. Daniel Craig doesn’t say the line at any point before the screen goes black. It’s one of 007’s defining characteristics, and fans love it every time it’s said. There is no doubt that this is the best of the James Bond one-liners.