James Bond Dr. No 60th Anniversary Blu-ray Steelbook takes fans back to 1962

2022 is a year full of iconic movies celebrating their milestone anniversaries. This includes one of the most classic characters in all of movie history, Bond…James Bond. This year marks the historic 60th anniversary of the famed Agent 00’s first big-screen appearance in Dr. No and MGM pulled out all the stops to make it an unforgettable party. This now includes a new Blu-ray Steelbook edition of Dr. No for any 007 fan to salivate.

The new edition comes in a nice box that emulates the title card from the opening sequence in Dr. No with all the colorful dots dancing to the iconic Bond theme. A similar design can be found on the Steelbook itself, which features two giant red dots wrapped around it. It’s a simple yet effective design that you can hear from its association with the first time fans were introduced to this catchy theme song.


However, if you are a big Bond fan, you probably have many editions of Dr. No hang out at this point. What helps separate this Steelbook from previous sets are the extra goodies packed into it. This new steelbook comes with the classic theatrical poster, a new 32-page booklet, four reproduction lobby cards with envelopes included, and a buildable figure of the movie’s iconic dragon chariot. This version also comes with most of the special features of previous versions, such as director’s audio commentary Terence Young and star Sean Conneryseveral “Making of” featurettes, theatrical trailers for the film, and a documentary titled Inside Dr. No.

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Dr. No It might not be what you first think of when you imagine 007, and it’s not the most popular of the series, but it’s what we have to thank for introducing moviegoers to the movie. universe of James Bond. When you compare it to more popular movies in the series like From Russia with love, The golden finger, golden eyeWhere Casino Royale, it’s actually a more refreshing outing thanks to its smaller scale and main location. The Jamaican setting is hugely memorable, and this was the first film to introduce fans to the evil organization SPECTRE, albeit in name only. This film also stands out for its final act with the introduction of Dr. No who is still one of the most iconic cinematic villains to this day.

Whether it’s that villain’s menacing entrance, Bond’s opening scene, or Connery’s stellar performance, there are so many recognizable moments that became the grand plan for many more memorable 007 missions to come.

25 movies later and Bond is arguably more popular than it ever was after the release of Daniel Craigthe latest 007 movie no time to die Last year. However, this new steelbook is a great opportunity for fans to return to where the series began in 1962. The new 60th anniversary steelbook from Dr. No is up for pre-order for $37 and has an October 2022 release window. That’s just in time for the film’s official anniversary on October 5, which is now known as James Bond Day. While we eagerly wait to see who the next 007 will be, you can pre-order the Dr. No Steelbook on official James Bond website now.

Check out photos of the expected Steelbook below: