James Bond brings back a crucial character?

By Matthew Creith | Posted

When it comes to film and media franchises, most viewers these days think of the Fast & Furious film series or perhaps the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its many phases. But for fans of the literary giant known as James Bond, they understand that his franchise has been taking over the world for sixty years. With several British actors taking on the super spy role since the 1960s, James Bond is the epitome of style, sophistication and action hero all rolled into one. While Daniel Craig has now completed his last film as the iconic character of 2021 no time to die, it makes sense to think about the future and which actors might play the role next. But now it looks like Bond may have a different character returning in future episodes.

According to a report from Deadline, former James Bond actress Lea Seydoux appears to be opening the door to a possible reprise of her role as Dr Madeleine Swann. At the Telluride Film Festival this weekend, Seydoux was heard talking about her role in the two previous films of the famous franchise, noting that while Craig’s James Bond died at the end of no time to die, his character certainly didn’t. With that in mind, the French actor noted that “Maybe I’ll be back,” but she currently has nothing else to add to that. Obviously, this will fuel the flames from a James Bond fandom’s perspective, as it would be an intriguing idea to bring back James Bond’s baby mama.

james bond léa seydoux
Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux in no time to die (2021)

Without a doubt, Lea Seydoux’s admission to wanting to be in another James Bond film would spark a conversation among future Bond filmmakers. His appearances in Spectrum and no time to die was met with some confusion from audiences as her character is the only woman in history to have had a child with James Bond. In her character profile for Verily Magazine, writer Mary Rose Somarriba notes that Swann and Bond are both on equal footing in Spectrum, and that they are as good for each other as the James Bond movies could prove. However, much of this has to do with Seydoux’s chemistry with Daniel Craig, who will no longer play the legendary role he’s played since 2006. Casino Royale.

Lea Seydoux’s comments on her future with James Bond films were made during a press tour for her upcoming film A nice morning, according to Uproxx. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this summer and was written and directed by French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Love. Seydoux has had a pretty busy few years, in addition to starring with Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas in the latest Bond film. She is currently spinning Dune: part twojust concluded Future Crimes alongside Viggo Mortensen. She is also currently running The beast for the director Bertrand Bonello and signed to embody the main character of Audrey Diwan’s film Emmanuelle.