Italian Online Casino Revenue Reaches New High in December 2021 – Finance

A record month for the online casino helped Italy’s online GGR hit the highest total since May 2021 in December, but revenue was down year-on-year.

Total GGR reached €312.0 million, compared to €304.2 million in November. However, that total was down 13.0% from December 2020, when revenue soared to €359 million, a total that has yet to be surpassed.

The online casino was the main driver of month-on-month growth, with revenue reaching 165.5 million euros, the highest monthly total of the year. No single operator dominated the online casino market, but Playtech-owned Snai took the biggest share at 9.1%, ahead of soon-to-be-acquired Sisal at 8.5%. Longtime market leader Pokerstars is in third place with an 8.2% market share, while Lottomatica has a 7.5% market share.

Sports betting was down from November and year-on-year to €204.8 million, with online and retail betting revenue down from the previous month. Online revenue was €125.1 million, while retail total was €79.7 million. Goldbet moved into first place in combined betting revenue, generating 15.4% of the total GGR and 23.0% of the retail market.

That combined figure narrowly edged second-placed Snai’s 15.1%, while Sisal followed with 13.6%. Online-only brands struggled, with Bet365’s online market share falling to just 6.7%.

Elsewhere, revenue from tournaments and cash poker hit their highest levels since April 2021, with Pokerstars continuing to dominate the vertical, while bingo recorded its highest total since May.

For the whole of 2021, igaming revenues reached €3.46 billion, up 46.1% compared to 2020. Casinos and slots revenues were €1.77 billion euros and sports betting revenues of 1.44 billion euros. Poker tournament revenue was €106.0 million, while cash poker revenue was €71.2 million. The bingo brought in 66.6 million euros.

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