IGaming Spain Scoreboard – Q1 2021 | Finance

Spanish operators posted record quarterly revenues in the first quarter of 2021, but difficulties for the industry could loom on the horizon as the country considers new regulations.

January was another record month for igaming in Spain, with total turnover of € 92.0 million. Online casino revenue for the month declined slightly from the December 2020 record of € 34.4 million, while sports betting revenue was only slightly below the October 2020 high point of € 30,000.

While revenues were down in February to 82.9 million euros, the number of active players hit a new record at 1.2 million as 463,411 new players registered gaming accounts, breaking records that were established in January and ensuring that active players remain above the million mark. for six consecutive months.

March was a much slower month by recent standards, mainly thanks to a sharp drop in sports betting income to € 24.4 million. However, the total revenue was still close to the averages of 2020 and above almost every month of 2019.

The drop in sports betting revenues in March came despite a record turnover of € 964.7 million. This was mainly due to a sharp drop in pre-match sports betting revenue to 5.6 million euros, while live sports betting revenue was 17.3 million euros, with a figure of € 17.3 million. business exceeding the 500 million euro mark for the first time.

Looking at casino games in more detail, slot machines remained the most popular games, with turnover of over 17 million euros and turnover of over 500 million euros on every three months. Live roulette followed, with RNG roulette in third.

While betting income was higher than the casino in each of the first two months of the year, the lower figure for March meant the casino was still the largest vertical sector for the quarter.

The figures come as Spain contemplates new responsible gambling regulations that could have a major impact on the industry. The new rules include a requirement for players to set loss limits for each session they play, which cannot be exceeded. These limits cannot be saved and must be selected each time.

Other new rules include stricter regulations for those who spend more than 50% of the maximum they are allowed to spend in a month.

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