Freddie Flintoff Calls Moore’s Bond “Scary Old Guy” | Entertainment


Freddie Flintoff called Sir Roger Moore’s James Bond a “creepy old dude”.

The ‘Top Gear’ host was a huge fan of the Bond franchise when he was growing up, but admitted older films didn’t stand up to a replay and he called Moore’s Bond someone “you’d tell your daughter about” .

Freddie, who has children Holly, 17, Corey, 15, Rocky, 13, and Preston, 23, with wife Rachael Wools – told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ‘The people I thought were heroes of the great screen when I was little… I’m not so sure now.

“It struck me when I was watching the movies from the 1970s that he was a creepy old guy that you would warn your daughter about.

“I watched one – Roger Moore in ‘Octopussy’. He’s on this bed with an aquarium in the background and a girl in his mid-twenties. He must be in his 50s, with his hairy back and he’s about to edit it, wink at the camera, like everyone’s in there and it’s okay.

“I was surprised at how outdated it was and how I reacted. How can anyone defend this now? It wasn’t on.

“Then he gets into a fight with someone he’s completely overwhelmed with. Jaws would have torn him apart, limb by limb. It’s utter nonsense.”

However, Freddie doesn’t find Daniel Craig’s Leap creepy like the others.

He explained, “I watched the old ‘James Bond’ movies, up to the more recent Daniel Craig movies.

“I watched ‘Casino Royale‘ and you think Craig could do something in a fight. He looks capable, he looks pretty tough and the type of guy a woman could imagine.

“I’ve decided that I don’t really like Bond, but I think sometimes I rebel against popular things for no reason.”