Every version of James Bond, ranked by Kill Count

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October 5 marks an important milestone for the james bond franchise because it means cinema’s most famous spy turns 60, in 1962 Dr. No first opened in UK cinemas on the same day all those decades ago, changing the shape of film history. Although Bond was already a familiar character to audiences thanks to Ian Fleming’s best-selling novels, 007 was an entirely new kind of protagonist to have in film, a killer who started action movie lore.

So, with the secret agent now reaching a whopping 6-0, it’s worth asking a question bloodthirsty Bond fans may have: which of the six actors to star in the official 25-movie series? ‘EON Productions has the highest number of victims. ? After no time to dieLast September, which ended the era of Daniel Craig, FandomSpot dove into the movies and determined all the deadly data for every incarnation of MI6’s signature assassin. And the results might surprise you.

Georges Lazenby — 6

George Lazenby as James Bond in
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Well, okay, there is nothing unexpected to know that brings up the rear of our ranking of the number of victims. George Lazenby has the distinction of being the only actor to have played Bond just once in the official series (David Niven also played the character in the unofficial 1967 series Casino Royale adaptation, but that doesn’t count as part of the canon), so naturally he didn’t rack up that many screen runs.

That said, one would expect him to have killed more than six, but the 1969s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a relatively bloodless affair, considering it’s more of a love story. Overall, Lazenby’s 007 averages one kill every 23 minutes, 33 seconds screen time.

Timothée Dalton — 20 years old

Timothy DaltonJames Bond
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Likewise, Timothy Dalton is the next Bond with the fewest appearances, playing the role in just two films – 1987 Living daylights and 1989 License to kill. He has a reputation for being a far graver and more serious Bond than most, Dalton drawing his portrayal very closely from Fleming’s text, eschewing much of the suaveness and gallows humor of his predecessors/successors. .

Nevertheless, although there are some harmful deaths in License to kill, in particular, Dalton’s Bond itself is not responsible for so many deaths. He succeeded on average only 10 kills per moviewhich equals approximately one kill every 13 minutes, 15 seconds.

Sean Connery—68 years old

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Here’s where things get a little more unexpected. Sean Connery is, of course, the original and, many still believe, the most definitive portrayal of James Bond on screen. He is also one of Bond’s most prolific actors, playing the role consecutively in five films between Dr. No and 1968 you only live twice before returning a sixth time for 1971 Diamonds are forever (he also starred in 1983 Never say neverbut that’s another unofficial movie).

It is therefore somewhat surprising that in all these appearances, Connery’s spy only racked up a relatively paltry 68 kills, which on average equates to 11 per movie and one kill every 10 seconds, 35 seconds. This low number of deaths is likely related to how the franchise, and movies in general, were less violent in the 1960s.

Pierce Brosnan—103

Pierce Brosnan James Bond
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As we enter the top three, we finally hit triple digits. Pierce Brosnan’s Bond is actually another interesting case, as you could argue he deserves second place on this list. With 103 victims in just four films – this covers the years 1995 golden eye to 2002 die another day – Brosnan has the second highest average kill stats.

He actually succeeded in annihilating 26 evil geniuses, femme fatales, nameless cretins, etc. per moviewhich represents one kill every 4 minutes, 55 seconds. This might come as a bit of a shock to fans, as Brosnan is generally considered to be one of the more lighthearted portrayals of the hero, though he clearly has a pronounced darker streak as well.

Roger Moore—121

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So taking that into account, Roger Moore claims second place in our death count rankings, even though he actually kills fewer people per movie than Brosnan. What drives him to rise through the ranks, however, is the fact that he is the most prolific man of them all, with Moore portraying Bond for seven consecutive films from 1973. Live and Let Die to the years 1985 A view to kill.

In all of these movies, then, Moore’s 007 was cast. 17 souls per outputaveraging one kill every 7 minutes, 32 seconds. Similar to Brosnan, this high kill frequency is very surprising given that Moore is generally remembered for his quips and moan-inducing eyebrow raises rather than his ultra-violence and bloodlust.

Daniel Craig—235

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But, try like Moore and Brosnan, they can’t top the outgoing incarnation of the character. Yes, not only is Daniel Craig our most enduring bond in terms of time spent in the role – he served M for five films from 2006 Casino Royale to 2021 no time to die — he’s also the Bond with the most kills to his name.

Thanks to that whopping figure of 235 deaths, it means Craig’s James has ticked 59 kills per moviebasically offending someone every 2 minutes, 30 seconds screen time. Given that so much of Craig’s movies were actually about character development, romance scenes, and team building, it shows just how intense and clueless the action scenes in his outings were. high octane, allowing him to earn his place as 007 with the most kills on his conscience. Are we sure he’s actually the right guy?

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