Every Daniel Craig James Bond Movie Ranked, According to IMDb

Daniel Craig recently ended his run as the iconic James Bond. But after 5 films as 007, what are his best and worst, according to IMDb?

no time to die released in October 2021, marking the end of actor Daniel Craig’s arc as 007. Fans of the franchise have mostly loved Craig, and some of his films are considered not only strong James Bond films, but also as great action pieces on their own. Daniel Craig modernized the role, overturning many of the character’s previous tropes that hadn’t aged well in the contemporary world, forming a more approachable and realistic version of 007.

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With five under his belt, Craig is the Bond actor with the third most appearances as the character, out of 27 overall in the franchise. But what are the best Craig’s Bond films? IMDb can be a reliable source of film scores for those hoping to enjoy Craig’s saga as fans eagerly await news of the next James Bond casting.


5 Quantum of comfort – 6.6/10

Bond hangs from scaffolding in the opening scene of Quantum of Solace

The second episode of Daniel Craig’s Bond series, Quantum of Comfort, is considered by many to be the weakest of the saga. The film starts where Casino Royale left with Bond furiously seeking revenge for Vesper’s murder. Many fans felt it lacked a strong plot, which is where Casino Royale excelled. The supporting cast has some great actors, but the characters didn’t live up to those of Eva Greene and Mads Mikkelsen in the first episode.

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It was no coincidence however, as the film’s production suffered due to the Writers Guild strike in 2007. Daniel Craig explained that the lack of writers led him and the director to make adjustments on set, constantly trying to form the best story possible with what they had. A rushed and flawed script can mean terrible news for a movie, and Quantum of Comfort is lucky it had the charm and skill of Daniel Craig to carry it to at least decent reviews.

4 Spectrum – 6.8/10

Daniel Craig James Bond Specter

Likewise with Quantum of Comfortthe 4th movie of Craig’s Bond run, Spectrumhad almost too much hype to match. celestial fall was a big hit, and knowing that Sam Mendes was returning to direct its follow-up led to some pretty high expectations. This was partly the reason for his downgrading, as in many ways they were too similar, with Spectrum being weaker in different aspects of production.

Spectrum offered a fantastic cast, introducing Christoph Waltz to the Bond universe. Many fans believe that the incomparable Waltz was misused as Blofeld when he could have reached the potential he had in his other villainous roles like Inglourious Basterds. Hoyte van Hoytema’s cinematography is spectacular as always, and lived up to the visual beauty fans expected after celestial fall. This is mainly due to the poor writing which Spectrum ends up at the bottom of Craig’s wallet.

3 No time to die – 7.3/10

Daniel Craig in No Time to Die

Daniel Craig 007’s most recent and last film was no time to die, which ranks in the middle of the pack of the five opuses. The film was seen as a necessary step in Spectrum, allowing Craig to end on a high note, with the long-awaited appearances of Rami Malek and Ana de Armas. The latter was very brief, leaving many fans wanting more.

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Separating the Craig saga from other iterations of Bond is that these films had real continuity, which compelled the film to provide closure with an emotional send-off. The distance between Casino Royale and no time to die shows the modernization of the franchise, with the latest installment concluding the evolution perfectly.

2 Skyfall – 7.8/10

James Bond standing by his car in Skyfall.

celestial fall and Casino Royale are undoubtedly the most beloved of Craig’s era, but both offer a distinctly unique experience. celestial fall is a masterpiece of action filmmaking by Sam Mendes and cinematography by the legendary Roger Deakins. The film has a terrific villainous performance from Javier Bardem and also introduces Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris and Ben Whishaw to the franchise, all of whom would play pivotal roles in the sequels.

celestial fall may not be the highest rated, but it’s the epitome of what Daniel Craig’s movies were all about, as it literally and thematically explores the idea of ​​James Bond and how he fits into the modern world . Many fans consider celestial fall in itself to be a kind of series resolution, as it explores the dwindling need for 007 due to the power of technology.

1 Casino Royale – 8/10

Casino Royale is considered by fans to be one of the greatest Bond films of all time, earning its score of 8.0 on IMDb, a very impressive score for a big-budget action film. The film has some great performances, including the premiere of Craig as James Bond, which earned him critical acclaim. It also had Mads Mikkelsen in one of his highest rated roles as a terrific and thrilling Bond villain. Eva Green was fantastic as Vesper Lynd, crafting a very moving storyline.

The film sets up the world of Daniel Craig’s James Bond saga perfectly, with a pitch-perfect antagonist, engaging plot, and impressive action sequences. It’s unfortunate that Daniel Craig’s run went downhill after the first one, but the movies had some big moments, solidifying the actor as a major action star and 007.

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