Daniel Craig overcame a lifelong fear by playing James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’

Daniel Craig’s Five james bond the movies have turned him into a household name. Casino Royale transformed Craig’s previously solid, if relatively obscure, acting career into something completely different. Looking back, it’s hard to understand he never wanted to play james bond in the first place. The role not only brought international stardom, it also helped Craig overcome a lifelong fear.

James Bond actor Daniel Craig | Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP via Getty Images

Craig is the longest-serving ‘James Bond’ actor

No Time to Die, Craig’s fifth round donning impeccably tailored suits while carrying out his duties at MI6, finally hit theaters in 2021, marking the actor’s final Bond film. Rumors of Craig leaving the role have swirled around for years, but he left the franchise on good terms. At least the casting backlash that followed it before 2006 Casino Royale had subsided.

When all was said and done, Craig’s 15 years of playing Obligation were longer than all the others.

Sean Connery played the super spy first, acting in five Obligation films from 1962 to 1967 before returning for Diamonds are forever in 1971. Roger Moore helmed seven films in the series from 1973 to 1985, but no one approached Craig’s longevity like james bond.

Casino Royale helped revive Obligation frankness, and it also helped Craig overcome his lifelong fear.

Craig overcame his fear of heights by filming ‘Casino Royale’

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The first post-opening credits scene in Casino Royale sees Obligation in an intense parkour chase through a market and construction area. Part of the chase takes place on the arm of a tower crane, and aside from a few sequences where the stunt double fills in, Craig was the one running alongside the high-rise crane.

It’s not obvious on film, but Craig called the scene the toughest of his tenure due to his fear of heights, as he revealed to GQ (via YouTube):

“The crane sequence in Casino was one of the most difficult and fun scenes, because when I started Casino Royale, I was afraid of heights. And after that, I wasn’t. So I had to climb about 60 feet on scaffolding and walk along beams about six inches in diameter. No, running on six-inch beams 60 feet in the air, which was – it wasn’t fun, but it was tough.

Daniel Craig

In the same video, Craig said Casino Royale is also responsible for some of his favorite stunts, especially the physique he needed for the finale in the sinking house in Venice, Italy.

Who will play ‘James Bond’ after Craig?

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Now that Craig has left the role behind and is finishing his tenure near the top of the Bond rankings, the question is who’s next?

The answer is just as concise: who knows?

As noted by Esquire, the list of actors who could cheek james bond is about as long as the celluloid of the previous 25 films combined. The list includes certifiable stars such as Tom Hardy, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson, Briderton actors Tom Hopper and René-Jean Page, and a slew of British-born gentlemen.

One thing we know is Obligation will always be male, according to producer Barbara Broccoli. However, as Esquire reported, she hasn’t even considered who will take Craig’s place.

Craig overcame his fear, proved the doubters wrong, and ended up as the longest-serving Bond. Anyone is the next to play the role has big shoes to fill.

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