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Millions of us enjoy the Fast and Furious franchise. This is a series of films that have grown primarily from underground street racing to a full cinematic universe that sees the characters battle international crime gangs around the world.

But while few of us watch these films for their realism, any racecar driver or mechanic will wince and squirm numerous times throughout each watching the drivers drop down a gear to supposedly accelerate faster. and overtake their opponent, although they are already close to the top of the range. of the rpm range for the current one. In real life this would cause a lot of damage and make the car undriveable.

It’s not just mechanics and racecar drivers who are put through the torture of watching Hollywood slaughter their professions and completely ignore the laws of physics, it’s something we can all enjoy pretty much every time we let’s watch a movie.

Many of these mistakes are made over and over again, although sometimes they are deliberate because these inaccuracies help make the story easier to follow.

Of all the mistakes Hollywood regularly makes, here are some of the most common.

Poker Mistakes
Most people know what poker is. It is a game that has become entrenched in popular culture in many parts of the world, particularly in the US and here in the UK through a combination of tournament television broadcasts, online and mobile poker platforms and regular appearances in films.

But during many of these films, the characters regularly make missteps during poker games. To some extent this is understandable, as some people make their entire career dealing poker hands and controlling games. They are trained to go through each stage of mixing, dispensing and pot handling, then gain hundreds of hours of experience.

It seems that their expertise could have been useful in Casino Royale (2006). During the famous poker scene in which James Bond and Le Chiffre play in a high-stakes game, the movie villain apparently overbet the final hand by $12 million, but no one batted an eyelid.

Subtle poker mistakes like this will probably go unnoticed by most people, but they will really irritate any seasoned player.

Explosions are a popular element in movies. You’ll find them most often in action movies, but they also appear in many other scenarios. Except that almost all movie explosions are completely fake.

Imagine the scene. The hero sneaks into the villain’s secret lair, plants a bomb, and the countdown begins. They have an inexplicably short time to escape the building before it turns into a giant ball of flame.

Pretty much everything here is wrong. Aside from the red LCD digital countdown that shows the hero how long he has left before his untimely demise, the explosion itself looks much more impressive on film than in real life.

Explosions are a rapid expansion of gas that creates a pressure wave, causing destruction in the immediate vicinity. The problem for filmmakers is that pressure waves are mostly invisible, so they don’t look very exciting on camera. Instead, SFX departments use copious amounts of fuel to create impressive fireballs that grow rapidly. It’s not very precise, but it’s spectacular.

Car chases
Similar to how the Fast and Furious movies don’t portray street racing very accurately, movie car chases are often full of mistakes.

Low-budget films sometimes record their chases at normal road speeds, then speed them up in post-production; this creates very strange physics that can make cars appear as if they are on rails.

Even in big budget productions, cars can often take a lot of damage and still drive. In The Transporter (2002), Jason Statham’s character drives a BMW 735i chased by the police. To escape them, he crashes into the side of a bridge, landing perfectly on a transporter passing below, taking no damage and the car remaining fully drivable.

In reality, a car jumping off a bridge would damage its suspension, blow out its tires, and could even damage the engine. But, it looks awesome and it helps move the story along, so maybe we can let them go on this one.