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Much like James Bond, a number of Hollywood stars have taken on the role of Batman over the years. Most recently, Ben Affleck played the Dark Knight in three films (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; Justice League; Suicide Squad), before being replaced by Robert Pattinson. In the 1980s and 1990s, Michael Keaton had the pleasure of playing Bruce Wayne, but a change in the character ruined his idea of ​​how the character should be portrayed.

Keaton played the hero in 1989’s Batman and 1991’s Batman Returns.

Both films were directed by iconic Disney visionary Tim Burton, who coated the series with a dark and unique aesthetic.

But after leaving the series, Joel Schumacher stepped in to direct his third title, Batman Forever.

This movie showed the Caped Crusader in a whole new light, full of jokes, gags and – let’s not forget – Bat Nipples. Needless to say, Keaton just couldn’t get on with the new management and had to step down from the new movie. Bruce Wayne was later played by George Clooney in one of the most criticized movies of all time.

Keaton has now opened up on the matter, saying, “When the director who directed the third … I said,” I can’t do it. “” (Via In The Envelope Podcast)

The star went on to explain how Schumacher, who has directed classics such as The Lost Boys and Flatliners, “wouldn’t budge” to the tone of the Batman movie.

The Birdman actor said, “One of the reasons I couldn’t do it was … and, you know, he’s a pretty nice man. He’s passed away, so I wouldn’t say hurt him even though he was alive. After more than a few meetings where I kept trying to rationalize the fact and hopefully get him to say, “I think we don’t want to go into this direction, I think we should go in that direction. “

Keaton went on to tell Schumacher that he couldn’t play Batman if the tone changed so drastically.

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Keaton added, “I knew from the start that it was Bruce Wayne. It was the secret. I never talked about it. Batman, Batman, Batman does this, and I kept telling myself:” You all think badly here. ‘ Bruce Wayne. What kind of person does that? … Who becomes that?

The Beetlejuice actor is making a comeback as Batman in the upcoming movie The Flash.

Ezra Miller’s first solo superhero movie would have adapted the legendary Flashpoint storyline, which folds into a number of different multiversal superheroes after Barry Allen tries to undo his mother’s murder.

With that in mind, Keaton will likely play a Batman from another universe. It is not yet known whether he will play the same character from Burton’s double-sided program.

Batman’s next official film, The Batman, will be released on March 4, 2022.

The solo film would be separate from the ongoing Snyderverse built by director Zack Snyder.

Pattinson plays the world’s greatest sleuth alongside Paul Dano, who plays the murderer Riddler.

The Flash will be released in theaters on November 4, 2022.