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Are online casino players also sports fans?

It is true that online casinos and gambling in general are often associated with sports. As proof, many slot machines present the theme around different sports disciplines. But would that mean that the players are passionate about sports? We tell you everything in this article.

Many similarities between casino games and sports

Although online casinos do not appeal to an exclusively sports audience, there are still some similarities between gambling and sports. Here are some points of comparison.

A notion of competition

Whether in sports or in $1 casino games, the notion of competition is addressed. Indeed, when you face other players on a poker table, you engage in a struggle to hope to emerge victorious. It’s the same feeling you get when you play sports.

A desire to excel

Establishing strategies, training, wanting to surpass yourself, you apply them both in sport and in online casinos. You push your limits in order to seek victory in games and this winning spirit is called upon in both areas.

An adrenaline rush

The adrenaline rush that sports provide is much the same when you’re about to win a game of poker, when you’re bluffing, or when you feel the little roulette ball is going to stop in a combination you have. selected. Basically, you experience the same thrill in both activities.

The search for popularity

Finally, it is possible to become popular both in sports and by playing at Zodiac online casinos. Beyond his popularity in the cultural field, Patrick Bruel has forged a worldwide reputation by playing poker and winning various major tournaments. Neymar is also an undisputed star of the game, regardless of his popularity in the world of football.

Do athletes like online casinos?

It’s no longer a secret: celebrities from the sports world are fans of online casinos and gambling of all kinds. Frequenting land-based casinos and virtual platforms is one of their favorite pastimes in order to spend their fortune there.

Whether it’s football, basketball or other sporting disciplines, many stars have a passion for gambling. For example, Neymar is an emblematic figure of online casinos. As soon as he has time to kill, he takes the opportunity to connect and play on these platforms. Gerard Pique, Wayne Rooney and many other superstars are die-hard fans of casino games.

As for basketball stars, living legend Michael Jordan himself is an avid casino gambler. Other names such as JR Smith or Allen Iverson are also former NBA stars who developed a love for gaming platforms.

But not necessarily the other way around

Nevertheless, it is not always that fans of online casinos are in love with the sport. Indeed, gaming platforms target a wide range of audiences of betting age. Basically, all categories of people wishing to have fun are welcome in online casinos: bureaucrats, politicians, sportsmen, geeks, sedentary, handicapped…

If you had to be athletic to love online casinos, this entertainment would not be as successful today. Indeed, gambling enthusiasts number in the hundreds of millions worldwide. This figure affects all the categories of people mentioned above and even more.

A close relationship between play and sport

However, it must be admitted that there has been a close relationship between games and sports for years. For example, there are a large number of sports-themed slot machines that attract a large number of players. The most popular titles are, among others, Basketball Star, Slam Dunk or Money Shot in basketball. Those looking for a football theme have Mini Goal, Football Star, Soccer Challenge and many more to choose from.

Another fact that links gaming platforms to sports is the increasingly pronounced partnership between the two fields. Indeed, more and more platforms are becoming sponsors of professional clubs. Football is the discipline most affected by this association and the phenomenon affects both elite European clubs and lower divisions. For example, Unibet is a partner of the Paris Saint-Germain club until 2023. Similarly, MarathonBet is linked to Manchester City by a partnership agreement.

Finally, sport is a source of debate generating sports betting in the world of gambling. Last season’s fierce rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool in the Premier League saw bookmakers draw bettors’ attention to which club will win the league.


To conclude, it is not systematic to be a sports fan to like online casinos. These two passions are completely different and can be found in a player, but are not complementary. It is possible that your passion for sports makes you love gambling, but your love for online casinos will not automatically make you love sports.