Ana De Armas’ No Time To Die role shows what Bond’s future should be


Ana de Armas caught the attention of James bond fans in No time to die, and his portrayal of Paloma shows exactly what the future of the 007 franchise should look like. Gender equality hasn’t always been a priority. James bondthe agenda, but starting with Casino Royale, the Daniel Craig era gradually deconstructed the old-fashioned concept of “Bond Girl”. No time to die continues this process by introducing Lashana Lynch’s Nomi as the new 007, but he’s actually another new spy shaking and stirring the traditional Bind formula – Paloma by Ana de Armas.

Investigating a missing scientist in the name of Felix Leiter, James Bond’s retirement date with Paloma in Cuba. Together, they infiltrate a group of SPECTER, escape the ensuing carnage, and succeed in wresting Obruchev from Nomi’s grip. Ana de Armas appears in No time to die for barely a cup of coffee (or, indeed, a glass of rum) before she fled into the night, never to be seen again, but her glorified cameo leaves a powerful impression nonetheless. James bond die-hard fans and casual moviegoers alike hail Ana de Armas’ Paloma as a breath of fresh air for the series and an undisputed highlight of No time to die.


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Naturally, the calls for his return are launched, either within the framework of the next Link 26 casting, or via his own film spin-off. by Paloma James bond The future remains uncertain, but whether she lives twice or never says it again, the character shows which path the 007 films must follow after Craig. In terms of continuity, female representation and overall tone, Paloma is James bondthe future.

Ana De Armas’ NTTD role shows Bond movies don’t need continuity

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Paloma jumps in No time to die devoid of any link of canonical continuity or narrative baggage. The public is told that she is a CIA agent and a Felix Leiter trusted university … but that’s it. Paloma is one of the few valuable figures in James bondthe modern era of Daniel Craig to sit completely away from SPECTER, Bond, and the overall story that unfolds between Casino Royale and No time to die – and that simplicity is a welcome tonic.

Classic James bond films generally avoided any meaningful thread of continuity. Aside from the Sean Connery-era Blofeld build, 007’s past adventures were decidedly self-contained, but the incarnation of Daniel Craig followed a separate 5-movie arc with a clear start (Casino Royale), environment (Fall from the sky) and end (No time to die). As Craig’s interconnected cannon helped James bond over time, its continuity has not always been smooth. For example, the Quantum organization was revived in SPECTER due to a legal back-and-forth, and revealing Blofeld as James Bond’s adoptive brother was a decision widely ridiculed in 2015. As much as James bondCraig’s modern continuity has made Craig’s hero a more layered and nuanced proposition (Vesper’s death follows him throughout every movie), the long-term commitment to canon has at times bogged down Bond in heavy exposure. and awkward rewrites.

Ana de Armas’ Paloma proves James bondThe support numbers of 007 need not be tied to the overall story of 007. Paloma succeeds only because she is interesting to watch and has sparkling chemistry with her Bond counterpart. She’s not Vesper Lynd’s long-lost roommate looking for revenge, a runaway former SPECTER agent from Blofeld or Mr. Paloma’s dry cleaner neighbor is just Felix’s trusted partner. Future James bond movies can use it as a model that proves that not all supporting characters need an elaborate 007 connection to be convincing.

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Ana De Armas’ Paloma is an ideal female Bond movie character

Ana de Armas No time to die Paloma

Perhaps thanks to the presence of Phoebe Waller-Bridge on the editorial staff, No time to dieThe feminine additions of s are a marked improvement on the “Bond Girl” stereotypes of yore. Nomi is an MI6 professional and accomplished secret agent who holds more than her own partnership with Bond, while motherhood Madeleine Swann takes her away from the usual mold of franchise love interests and into somewhat more accessible territory (as much than being the daughter of an international assassin can be relatable). But like Paloma, it’s Ana de Armas who hits the hardest James bondreputation as a misogynist.

For starters, she is definitely not a lover. As a handsome CIA agent meeting the new bachelor Bond in an exotic location, a midnight romance after the mission would have been the safest bet in any other actor’s age. But when Daniel Craig’s Bond confuses Paloma changing clothes like a come-on, she just laughs. Funny, it is then Bond who tells him to turn around while he puts on a tuxedo. There’s a friendly dynamic between college students and veterans, but you’ll find more sexual tension between Bond and Q than with Paloma, who takes the “Bond Girl” model and hits him firmly in the balls.

And that’s not all she gives, as Paloma arguably does the heavy lifting during No time to diethe sequence of action of SPECTER. Paloma isn’t the first woman to kick ass in a James bond movie, but she forces Bond to follow her, rather than the other way around, and is allowed to be feminine without being cynically sexualized. There is a real intrigue on Paloma “three week training“which portends a vaster mystery, and its comedic timing makes the rarest things in James bond – a related spy. As she gobbles up cherry cola, messes up the password, and tries to impress in a new job, Ana de Armas’ Paloma proves James bond is capable of changing his social attitudes after all.

Ana De Armas’ No Time To Die role shows how to balance bond movies

No time to die Ana de Armas Paloma

There is an eternal struggle between light and dark in Daniel Craig James bond movies – and we’re not talking about the battle between good and evil. After the ridiculous that followed Die another day, Casino Royale took 007 to dark, violent, and intense territory – and was widely praised for doing so. With every entry that passes since, however, Bind fans wondered if Ian Fleming’s character really needs to act seriously all the time. Public opinion has fluctuated between Fall from the sky and Spectrum, more and more calls to James bond to lighten up and embrace the spirit of Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

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In response, Daniel Craig’s successor will almost certainly take a more jovial approach, but it’s a fine line to walk. On the one hand, the public is fed up with 007 as a miserable killer; the other, Link 26 would commit franchise self-sabotage by returning to the ridiculous camp of Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore’s later efforts. Can a balance be found? Once again, Paloma comes up to the rescue, pointing out how James bondThe future of can be fun without sounding ridiculous.

Paloma is not your typical CIA agent. She’s smart and tough, but also bright and bubbly, never letting the gravity of being surrounded by SPECTER agents dilute her nervous enthusiasm. The moment she and Bond stop fighting to share a drink and a “hi!” perfectly sums up her personality – deadly, charismatic, larger than life and all smiles. It’s not a scene Casino Royale I would have let myself go, but Paloma doesn’t succumb to the traps of the previous camp either. Despite having a great time in the middle of a shootout, Paloma still exists in a real setting, and Ana de Armas’ performance comes across as genuine rather than cartoonish. She gives No time to die a touch of escape fantasy, but she’s not Roger Moore wearing a clown costume, essentially.

No time to die maybe closed a chapter in James bond, but Ana de Armas Paloma gives a taste of what the future might – and, indeed, should – looks like 007.

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