Almost 28% think it’s Daniel Craig’s worst James Bond movie


While the poll in question asked respondents to choose between a number of highly rated features, there was a clear choice for Daniel Craig’s Worst Bond Movie among the 596 people surveyed by Looper. This movie is the awkwardly titled 2008 film “Quantum of Solace,” the sequel to Craig’s great debut Bond (via IMDb). Almost 28% (27.85%, to be exact) of those surveyed chose “Quantum of Solace” over the additional options “Casino Royale”, “Skyfall”, “Specter” and “No time to die”.

Really, however, the game was rigged against “Quantum of Solace” from the start. The Bond film came on the heels of “Casino Royale,” an episode that brought back to life what had become a tired franchise. Just before Craig launched with “Casino Royale,” Pierce Brosnan’s latest entry, “Die Another Day” (via IMDb), featured an invisible car, a bizarre Madonna cameo (and an even worse theme song), and Miss Moneypenny getting along with 007 via VR glasses. “Casino Royale” reversed this script, giving the fandom its toughest bond since the Timothy Dalton era.

If that wasn’t enough to climb a hill, “Quantum of Solace” was written during the writer’s strike, which lasted from 2007 to 2008. Therefore, much of what we saw in the finished product was tinkered with by Craig and director Marc Forster. As relayed by IndieWire in 2011, the script for the shoot literally arrived two hours before the strike began. From there, Forster and Craig were left on their own for any fine-tuning. Still, as the second part of a feature double with “Casino Royale,” the 2008 Bond photo works better than it should.