AEW wrestlers with the most title matches so far (and their win-loss record)

Championships are the lifeline of professional wrestling, and it’s now hard to imagine what the course of the sport would have been like if the idea of ​​the belts hadn’t originated in the first place. While every wrestling promotion tries to differentiate themselves from each other on all fronts, the title belts keep professional wrestling united as they are present in all corners of the world in different patterns.

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Likewise, titles AEW are the most prized possession with a wide array of talents vying for them. Since the company was founded in 2019, many challengers and champions have battled it out for titles, with some names popping up more than others.

ten Rey Fénix – 14 games for the title (6-8)

Rey Fenix ​​is ​​a talented superstar who has mostly played in tag team matches alongside Penta Oscura as The Lucha Bros. The two superstars share an almost similar record. While Penta Oscuro has appeared in 13 title matches, teammate Rey Fenix ​​has appeared in 14 of those contests. You’re probably wondering how Fenix ​​has been in one more title match than his partner. He once challenged Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship on an episode of Dynamite in a losing effort.

9 Jungle Boy – 14 title matches (8-6)

Jungle Boy is widely regarded as one of AEW’s most exciting future prospects. But don’t let that statement fool you that he’s not a big name in the present either. The current AEW Tag Team Champion has challenged all of the AEW Men’s Championships, but failed in all of his attempts to win a singles title.

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He is also a Casino Battle Royale winner and has a brilliant career ahead of him. It might not take long for Jungle Boy to get their hands on the singles gold as well.


8 Darby Allin – 14 title games (9-5)

Known for his dangerous bumps, Darby Allin is the longest-serving AEW TNT Champion. He proved his worth by going face to face in the ring with many wrestling veterans. Allin also challenged for the world title twice, but found himself on the losing side against Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley. He is currently managed by Sting and the duo could win the Tag titles in the future.

seven Scorpio Sky – 16 title matches (9-7)

Scorpio Sky is the first and, so far, only Superstar to have won both the AEW TNT Championship and AEW Tag Team Championship. He is also the first face of the revolution after winning the eponymous match. The inaugural AEW Tag Team Champion also competed for the world title against Chris Jericho but came up short.

6 Jon Moxley – 16 title matches (12-4)

Jon Moxley is one of the biggest and most popular superstars on the AEW roster. Naturally, he’s been a regular fixture in the promotion’s main event and is also a former AEW World Champion, where he appeared in several matches as champion.

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The Deathmatch specialist also challenged for the Tag Titles alongside Eddie Kingston in a losing effort. Besides the Tony Khan promotion titles, Moxley has also appeared in a handful of NJPW title matches.

5 The Young Bucks – 17 title games (11-6)

Unlike Rey Fenix ​​and Pentagon Jr, Matt and Nick Jackson have never been in a title match without their partners. The Young Bucks are widely recognized as one of the greatest tag teams on the roster and it’s no surprise that the duo have appeared in more tag title games than any other team.

4 Sammy Guevara – 17 title matches (12-5)

Sammy Guevara is the only superstar, aside from Cody Rhodes, to have won the TNT Championship three times and is also the belt’s only interim champion. Guevara also competed for the Tag titles when he teamed up with Chris Jericho as a member of The Inner Circle, but they failed to win gold. Nonetheless, he holds a good record in title matches.

3 Cody Rhodes – 17 title matches (13-4)

Although Cody Rhodes is no longer called an AEW wrestler, he will always be remembered as one of the main reasons Tony Khan’s promotion existed. Rhodes is a name synonymous with the AEW TNT Championship, given his role in the development of the title.

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Besides the TNT title, Rhodes also challenged for the AEW World Championship against Chris Jericho. The latter got the better of Cody and as a result, Rhodes was never able to fight for the world championship.

2 “Hangman” Adam Page – 20 title matches (16-4)

While “Hangman” Adam Page has had a rather polarizing title reign with the AEW World Championship, there’s no denying that he’s an exceptionally talented superstar and has had several good gold matches. The World Championship isn’t the only golden page held for an extended period, as he also held the AEW Tag Team Championship, which he won alongside Kenny Omega. A former Casino Battle Royale and Casino Ladder Match winner, and having faced off against Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Kenny Omega, Adam Page’s stock is constantly on the rise.

1 Kenny Omega – 21 title matches (18-3)

It’s no surprise that “The Belt Collector” ranks above everyone else on most title match lists. Kenny Omega is the face of All Elite Wrestling and has been instrumental in the success of the promotion since its debut.

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The Cleaner has appeared in more title matches than anyone. He also has a wonderful record in doing so. The three matches he lost were against FTR, Christian Cage, and Hangman Page, when he lost the AEW Tag Team Championship, World Impact Wrestling Championship, and AEW World Championship respectively.