10 Superhero Movies Everyone Believed In (But Disappointed)

Comic book movies have been reaching new heights for quite some time now. movies like Spider-man 2, The black Knightand Captain America: Civil War have all been widely praised by fans and audiences. It’s reached a point where comic book movies are overhyped from the moment they’re announced.

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Unfortunately, this may lead to huge fan disappointment when the film is released. Huge audiences gather to cheer and watch new releases from DC and Marvel, and as the best of the genre, there’s an unspoken assumption that they’ll be respectful, well-cast, and expertly written. However, that’s not always the case, sometimes leaving fans cold.

ten Batman and Robin Wasn’t the Sequel Fans Wanted

With hindsight, the Batman franchise of the 90s is quite strange. The first three films received largely positive reviews and made big money at the box office, leaving Batfans eager to see what a fourth installment might do.

Unfortunately, the batman and robin the film has become such a punchline recently that it’s hard to believe anyone was thrilled to see it. However, with Joel Schumaker returning to direct the film, Clooney reprising the role of Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the villainous Mr. Freeze, 90s audiences couldn’t wait. batman and robinthe exit. Unfortunately, fans and critics were disappointed with the film’s tone, and ticket sales plummeted after the initial hype. It quickly developed an infamous cult status and any hopes of a fifth film were dashed.

9 Superman Returns couldn’t revive the Man of Steel

In the early 2000s, Superman was in desperate need of a reboot. There have been several attempts to revive the franchise and restore the series to the original heights of the Christopher Reeve era. However, none were enlightened until 2004, when The Return of Superman was announced.

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The Return of Superman fans excited with a proven director at the helm, a solid cast, and a great trailer. It finally premiered on July 14, 2006. However, despite its early positive reviews, fans were unhappy and complained about the tone, pacing, and lack of action. As a result, any plans for a sequel were scrapped.

8 Spider-Man 3 failed to land

by Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy was an undeniable success. The first two entries made a lot of money and received a lot of praise, especially Spider-man 2.

Therefore, when Spiderman 3 was announced with none other than Venom as the villain, fans were thrilled. All the pieces were in place, so everyone believed it would work. Unfortunately, the end result was a rushed and tonally unbalanced film. It’s since earned an arguably unfair reputation as one of the worst comic book movies of all time, and while that decision seems a little harsh, even Sam Raimi admitted it was disappointing.

seven Hellboy (2019) had the right elements but didn’t put them together properly

As much as the fans love Guillermo Del Toro Hellboy movies, a reboot had potential. Not only did it feature a skilled horror director in Neil Marshall, but it would star David Harbor in the lead role.

However, concerns surfaced when the trailers were released, despite fans remaining hopeful. The film was eventually released and drew heavy criticism for its rambling story and confusing plot, and it quickly faded from public memory. As of 2022, there has been no news about a potential sequel.

6 Fant4stic looked new and exciting but landed with a thud

It’s hard to imagine a time when the Fant4stic Four film was not ridiculed, but such a time existed before its release. Fans enjoyed the potential of the FF reboot, happy to see a great cast, a talented director, and a terrific trailer.

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However, even before its release, negative rumors started circulating. Plus, the trailers seemed to confirm those concerns as the CGI changed between them as obvious reshoots took place. As a result, the release was a quiet affair and the reviews were incredibly harsh. The director even denounced the film on Twitter before its release. Since then, a sequel was quickly boxed and The Fantastic Four was returned to Marvel.

5 X-Men: The Last Stand didn’t impress fans of the first two movies

The first two x-men movies from the early 2000s did a lot to revitalize superheroes. Viewers and film critics appreciated the cast, the action and the exciting plots. So when a third installment was confirmed, people were excited.

However, all was not as it seemed. Division filmmaker Brett Ratner was hired, and Cyclops actor James Marsden didn’t get much of a feature, despite being a fan favorite. When the film was released, it was met with mixed reviews, but it was particularly disappointing given that it was the conclusion to the trilogy. Although the x-men The series continued, largely through spinoffs and soft reboots.

4 Batman v Superman promised to be a mythic epic but disappointed fans

The batman versus superman The film remains controversial to this day. It was always going to get a lot of hype the second it was announced. Fans were thrilled to see these two DC titans finally meet on the big screen.

After a few controversial casting announcements and disappointing trailers, the film premiered and received its first wave of reviews. Critics didn’t appreciate the film’s morbid and messy plot, and fans who wanted a solid Batman and Superman adventure were put off. After such a poor foundation was laid, fans found it difficult to engage with the DCEU. Consequently, DC has struggled to head in a decent direction since 2016.

3 Green Lantern had a talented team but suffered from poor execution

The 2011 film Green Lantern is often the butt of jokes – even by its star, Ryan Reynolds. However, when the movie was announced, many Lantern fans were happy to see Hal on the big screen.

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The director of Casino Royale, Martin Campbell, was at the helm, the cast was amazing, and the CGI was good enough to back up a Green Lantern movie. As a result, DC fans were eager to see what the intergalactic lawyer could do in his own movie. However, almost everyone who watched the movie was disappointed. The overuse of effects and its flimsy plot meant the film never got a sequel. It’s taken a while, but Green Lantern finally seems ready for a reboot on HBO.

2 Wonder Woman 1984 Didn’t Live Up To The Original

Wonder Woman 2019 was the dark horse of the DCEU. Audiences didn’t know what they thought of it until its premiere and received overwhelming praise. So when a sequel was announced, fans were understandably optimistic.

Patty Jenkins returned to directing, Gal Gadot was riding high and new stars like Pedro Pascal did Wonder Woman 1984 guaranteed success. However, after a string of lukewarm reviews, word of mouth began to dwindle. Many fans of the first film were disappointed with the sequel’s tone and plot, leaving them hopeful that the third Wonder Woman outing will reach the same heights as the first film.

1 The Eternals was a disappointing drama

Eternals promised to break the well-worn formula of the MCU. It not only boasted Oscar-winning actress Chloe Zhao as director, but she was backed by an all-star cast. Overall, it felt like a more experimental and artistic take on some of Marvel’s lesser-known heroes.

After some impressive trailers and great reaction to the cast and characters, the movie hit theaters. Unfortunately, critics and fans alike weren’t impressed at all. EternalsThe Rotten Tomatoes score continued to drop and currently remains the lowest rated MCU film at 47%. Fans also complained about the runtime, plot, and flat character development. Considering the MCU has had such a prolific run and the talent behind it Eternals was so promising, the fan reception was colder than ice. Hopefully a sequel will listen to feedback and make some improvements.

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