10 James Bond Movies That Would Make Great Video Games

the james bond The franchise has a long history with the video game industry, and it even changed the industry forever with the classic and influential Nintendo 64 game. golden eye. Now the British spy will make a big return to video games, as IO Interactive works on Project 007.

Fans believe that the game has huge potential as it is developed by the creators of the latest and most universal games. Hitman trilogy, but not much is known about the project and it’s apparently top secret. If IO were to look to the past for inspiration, there’s plenty of content to dig into. Of the 25 official Bond films, these 10 deserve the video game adaptation treatment more than the rest.


Moon Maker (1979)

Bond and Holly in Moonraker

moonraker is not highly rated james bond movie by any means, and there aren’t any noteworthy meticulous action sequences. It is the lowest rated Roger Moore 007 film. However, the movie is so bad it’s good, because the premise is so bizarre it almost feels like it would be better suited as a video game.

The film sees the super spy globetrotting through Venice, Rio De Janeiro and… space after an industrialist hijacks an American space shuttle. The 1979 release could easily be the most exciting Obligation game again, especially since the film also introduces one of the fan-favorite Bond henchmen, Jaws, who would be such a fun boss in the video game.

Specter (2015)

James Bond at Day of the Dead Festival - Specter

Spectrum was considered by most fans and critics a disappointment when first released, and some even think it’s the worst Obligation film. He tried and failed to balance the stupidity of the ancients Obligation films with the maturity and realism of Craig’s films. However, it could translate much better to the video game format, and it’s the movie that would match the Hitman the best style of play.

The first six minutes of the film are a long tracking shot of James Bond walking through an epic Day of the Dead parade and dressed up in typical Mexican attire. The whole sequence seems lifted from Hitman, which sees players using different disguises to access restricted areas. An adaptation of the game Spectrum could expand that and have each level as one huge explorable area, including Blofeld’s evil lair.

Die Another Day (2002)

CGI Pierce Brosnan goes windsurfing in Die Another Day

To like Spectrummost fans would rather forget die another day, the twentieth film in the series. Where Brosnan’s stint as Bond began as reminiscent of the charm of Sean Connery, it ended with him reminding audiences of Roger Moore’s wackiest outings.

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However, the 2002 film isn’t without merit, and all of those outrageous gadgets and vehicles make great starting points for a video game. Where driving an invisible car, surfing glaciers, riding in a hovercraft, and even sword fighting are ridiculous concepts for a movie, these together would make for an action-packed third-person adventure.

Casino Royale (2006)

Between making Bond relevant again and giving the character more depth, Casino Royale is a masterpiece. But on paper, the 2006 movie doesn’t look like a good video game, because it’s surprisingly grounded, much of it takes place in one room, and more poker hands are dealt than moves. drawn. However, some meticulous action sequences would play very well in a game, and since Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the link is the most nimble and quickest, Casino Royale could be a fantastic third person shooter with excellent gameplay.

As the movie opens with epic parkour and crane jumps, it could be implemented in the game and it could have that sublime and effortless mirror edge free run type gameplay. On top of that, the obvious poker mini-games that would be incorporated into the game would make it endlessly replayable.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Roger Moore as James Bond and Richard Kiel as Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

Jumping the Shark doesn’t make a great movie, but it certainly is a great video game. And yet The Spy Who Loved Me does not quite reach moonraker Absurd levels, Roger Moore’s first bond movie has its moments. While the novel takes place in a single hotel, the film has an ambitious scope and so many sequences would make for great video game levels.

Players could control the iconic parachute jumper, the Lotus Espirit submersible underwater, and participate in the rooftop brawl. And speaking of jumping the shark, the film also marks the first appearance of Jaws, who could once again put up some nice altercations, especially if the game features decent melee combat.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the only Bond film starring George Lazenby. And although the film received lackluster reviews upon release, it has since become one of the most respected films in the series and the most faithful adaptation of Ian Fleming’s source material.

Given the notoriety of the film, it deserves a video game adaptation like how From Russia with love had one in 2005. The mid-2000s saw a fad of developers making games based on films from the 60s and 70s, and the 1963 film adaptation is one of the most underrated. A Majesty’s Secret Service the game might even find influence in the extreme sports series SSX during the development of the film’s iconic ski sequence.

Live and Let Die (1973)

James Bond enters Mr. Big's palace in San Monique

With Moore’s films in the series being so outlandish and shamelessly campy and over the top, they would all make great video games. And Live and Let Die might be the best of them all, but for completely different reasons.

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Although Moore’s exits as Bond are very conceptual, Live and Let Die is surprisingly grounded, and it doesn’t even feature megalomaniac villains that had become a franchise staple. Instead, the film is all about drug trafficking and takes place in Harlem and New Orleans. The 1973 film could be a third-person crime game like Grand Theft Autoand players could freely move around these areas accepting missions whenever they wanted.

Thunderbolt (1965)

Bond Shotgun

thunder ball is on such a grand scale, the sets are so ambitious, and since it follows Bond’s search for two stolen atomic bombs, the film could work as a grave robber or Unexplored-like an adventure game. With most of the film set in the Bahamas, the playable Bond could be a Nathan Drake-like character, cracking witty jokes as he weaves his way through exotic locales.

As the Specter organization features prominently in the film, the video game could also be filled with great boss battles including Emilio Largo, Fiona Volpe, and Count Lippe. And while it’s hard to get a memorable final boss, Bond’s final fight with Largo might be one of the best.

License to Kill (1989)

License to kill could make an aesthetically different type of james bond game, because the film has a much darker tone than the others 007 versions. The film follows Bond, who has been suspended from MI6 and goes rogue while tracking down drug lord Franz Sanchez and seeking revenge for his attack on Felix Leiter.

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The film stands out for its huge practical stunts and action sequences, which would translate well when adapting the film into a video game. And while the supernatural elements would be missing, a License to kill the game might be similar in tone and gameplay to Max Payneanother rogue agent who seeks revenge on his family.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Nope Obligation film is more perfect for adapting to a video game than Diamonds are forever. The movie has it all, because not only is it Connery’s swansong as Bond, it introduces 007’s nemesis, Blofeld, and it has a high concept in which Blofeld uses diamonds to build a space laser weapon.

And the film is full of espionage, espionage and stealth, as Bond acts as a diamond smuggler to infiltrate a smuggling ring. So diamonds are forever might look like a 60s version of Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy games, especially Double agent.

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