10 funniest blunders and mistakes that went into the movies

Making a movie is an extremely complicated process, regardless of the outcome of the movie. James Bond films, with high budgets and impressive technical prowess, are not immune. With such complex sets, it would be almost impossible for a mistake not to finish in the final cut.

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From Connery’s time in the role to Craig’s, every Bond movie has blunders at least to some extent. However, sometimes these mistakes or slips can be quite charming. They never distract too much from the movie, but are a fun little thing to catch and laugh at.

ten Red against. Blue: Dr No (1962)

Sean Connery Dr No

In the very first 007 movie, Dr No, there is a small incident with boat paint. Bond’s temporary Jamaican sidekick, Quarrell, is on shore painting his modest-sized ship. In his hand is a paintbrush dripping red.

The problem is, Quarrell’s boat is two-tone, and neither of them are red. It doesn’t matter which side of the boat someone is looking at, it’s only yellow and blue. While the franchise was in its infancy, it’s still a big mistake to leave in the final cup. Either way, it’s easy to forget given that the gaff is surrounded by the view of Kingston, Jamaica.

9 An Endangered Act: Live and Let Die (1973)

Roger Moore’s first adventure as a character, Live and Let Die, has a pretty interesting weapon that is not found in other installments. It’s a pretty standard gun, but instead of lead bullets it has compressed gas pellets.

Whisper, the henchman of Live and Let Die’The big bad, Kananga, sits on a rather expensive sofa from the early ’70s. When Kananga shoots the sofa with the gun, it begins to inflate quickly and Whisper awkwardly falls back down. Then, when the couch explodes, Whisper is nowhere to be found. That changes the very next time, when Whisper is back in his place.


8 The Camera 007: Moonraker (1979)

Moonraker has almost nothing to do with Ian Fleming’s book. This includes the characterization of Bond himself. For example, in Fleming’s books, Bond would never walk around with a camera prominently displaying the numbers 007.

He does this in the movie, even though his whole goal is to be a secret super spy. Moonraker Maybe this was the movie for Bond to jump the shark, but it’s a goof that should have been caught during the script phase.

7 A Fall To A Cake: A View To A Kill (1985)

Roger Moore’s Bond Chases After A sight to killMayday’s secondary villain, in the streets of Paris. The chase ends with Bond jumping off a bridge onto a boat. Unlike Mayday, who landed gracefully, Bond collapses through the roof of the train and crashes into a birthday cake.

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Once Bond got over the roof of the train, it’s pretty obvious that a mannequin was used for the stunt. Plus, when Moore gets up from the crushed cake, he doesn’t have a stain of frosting on him.

6 A Strange Silent: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan Michelle Yeoh

Tomorrow never diesThe antagonist, Elliot Carver, is certainly one of Pierce Brosnan Bond’s best villains. His ridiculous plan to initiate World War III for the leaderboards requires extreme tact, and while Carver has a stealth ship himself, he’s loud and just waiting to be caught.

The same could be said of Bond. When he boards the ship, he wields what is clearly a silent weapon (Walther P99). So why it makes the standard detonation sound when fired is a mystery. This also makes her a poor choice for a vessel designed specifically for stealth.

5 Badly Written Diary: The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Elektra King - The World Is Not Enough

The world is not enough begins with the explosive murder of oil magnate Sir Robert King. Besides being a tycoon, he is also close to M (Judi Dench). When a report is published on his death and the legacy owed to his daughter, Elektra, there is a completely illogical sentence.

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It reads: “Both companies will benefit from the takeover. This means that few jobs or profits will be lost. Even without the additional word “little,” it’s an awkwardly written sentence.

4 The Cicatrice du Chiffre: Casino Royale (2006)

Casino RoyaleThe main villain of, terrorist financier Le Chiffre, has a pretty distinctive quirk. Above his left eye is a large scar.

However, this scar changes in size throughout the film. It’s subtle, but it’s there. A little more noticeable is the way the scar occasionally moves an inch or two higher on Le Chiffre’s skull. Additionally, the scar as a whole is more prominent in the third act of the film than in the first. Even still, Casino Royale is a successful masterpiece and easily comes across as Martin Campbell’s best film.

3 Mustache by David Harbor: Quantum Of Solace (2008)

David Harbor in Quantum of Solace 007

Strange things and Black Widow star David Harbor played the role of secondary antagonist in Craig Bond’s second outing. He portrayed corrupt South American CIA section chief Gregg Beam.

Beam is a man with a big mustache and it escapes him sometimes. When Beam distributes the details of 007 on a throw, the mustache begins to peel off one side of Harbor’s face. Although he is corrected in the following shot, there are a few lines of dialogue where he falls apart.

2 Helicopter Control: Specter (2015)

Opening sequence of the James Bond Specter helicopter

SpectrumThe Day of the Dead-themed opening is easily one of the best pre-title sequences from the Craig Bond movies. He did however have a weird error in a few moves.

After Bond kicks his target out of the helicopter, he turns his attention to the pilot. As the two men fight, several shots show the handle of the helicopter. From one shot to another, its complexity will change, then return.

1 An invisible silencer: no time to die (2021)

Rami Malek in New Image No Time To Die

As Tomorrow never dies included a silent pistol which, apparently, was not silent, No time to die understands the reverse. This happens during No time to dieis the important flashback scene. The villainous Safin approaches House Swan which currently only holds young Madeleine.

Once entered the house and climbed the stairs, Madeleine puts a few bullets in his chest. However, the sound is almost muffled. It is actually the sound of a gun muffled, even though the gun barrel clearly has no attachment.

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