10 actors who could be the next James Bond

In 2006, Daniel Craig made his debut as James Bond in the film Casino Royale and went on to play the British spy in five films over a 15-year period. He joined Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan, who all portrayed 007 on screen.

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With no time to die ending Craig’s run as Bond, there is now a vacancy left and fans are wondering who the next James Bond will be. Although the producers said there would be no rush to choose the character, Hollywood can’t help but wonder who will win the toss. With so many great options, it’s hard not to think about it.

10/10 Nicholas Hoult fits the bill

It has been said that two of the specifications the next Bond will have to meet are that he must be British and in his 30s. Nicholas Hoult fits both of these traits as he is both from England and is currently 32 years old. Hoult also has a great acting background.

Hoult is best known for playing Hank McCoy in the x-men franchise, but appeared more recently in Mad Max: Fury Road and The favourite. With his latest film, The menuStepping out, Hoult once again finds himself in the spotlight and with the perfect opportunity to confront Bond.

If the Bond producers wanted to go with someone very established, Andrew Garfield wouldn’t be a bad choice. Garfield had his great escape with David Fincher Jthe social network in 2010 and has since shown his acting versatility.

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Garfield has played many types of roles throughout his career, from a war hero to hacksaw crest to a struggling composer Tick, tick… Boom! Of course, he’s also the web-slinging Spider-Man, who appeared most recently in Spider-Man: No Coming Home. With such a range, Bond shouldn’t be a problem for him.

8/10 Kit Harrington is used to the theater

Kit Harrington doesn’t have a ton of movies in his filmography, but the actor is no stranger to drama, having spent eight seasons playing Jon Snow in game of thrones. This role propelled Harrington into popularity, and with the series ending in 2019, the next role awaits.

Enter James Bond, or at least the possibility of James Bond. Harrington ticks all the boxes and is used to playing the same character for a long time. Maybe it’s time to trade dragons and swords for cars and guns.

7/10 Richard Madden could be a new kind of link

game of thrones looks like it could be a melting pot of potential bonds, and Richard Madden should be in on it. He is known for playing Robb Stark in HBO show and also appeared in well known movies like Rocketman, 1917and Eternals.

However, Madden would break new ground as James Bond, as he would be the first Scottish actor to play the role since Connery. While the producers made it clear that a British actor would take over, Madden has the acting skills to not only play Bond, but to master him as well.

6/10 Chiwetel Ejiofor is an award-winning actor

Although he may be in his 40s now, Chiwetel Ejiofor would make a fantastic James Bond. Oscar nominee for her role in 12 years of slaveryEjiofor is a seasoned vet who would no doubt bring his own creative flair to the role.

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Not only is Ejiofor a phenomenal actor, but he has also worked with some of the best in show business, including Steven Spielberg, Richard Curtis, Spike Lee, Alfonso Cuarón, Ridley Scott and Sam Raimi. Needless to say, he knows what he’s doing in any role.

5/10 Robert Pattinson has already become a famous investigator

Robert Pattinson has come away from his Dusk days, as he quickly established himself as one of the best young actors working today. He starred in big movies, such as Good time, Lighthouseand Principleall of which showcase his talent.

Perhaps Pattinson’s best role yet came this year. The Batman, taking on the role of the Caped Crusader. In what is a very gritty investigative version of Batman, Pattinson lets his true acting skills shine. Certainly, with the experience he has quickly gained and the wide range he has, he could make a superb Leap.

4/10 Tom Hiddleston has the charm

If there’s one actor who has the charm of playing James Bond, it’s Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston is no stranger to playing a character for a long time, having been recurring as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since his debut in Thor in 2011. Loki is a trickster and very suave, which suits Bond just fine.

While Hiddleston is now 41, he still retains all the attributes needed to play Bond. While his commitments to Loki and the MCU may get in the way, it’s hard not to see him as the perfect Bond.

3/10 Régé-Jean Page is an escape star

Although he has been officially active since 2001, Régé-Jean Page made his appearance in 2020, starring in the hit Netflix series Bridgerton like Simon Bassett. However, he has since announced that he will not be returning for season 2.

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This can only mean one thing, Page’s calendar is much more open. While one can’t assume Bond is on his radar, he ticks all the boxes and would be a natural fit. He would also be the first Black James Bond, which would be huge for the franchise.

2/10 Idris Elba was born for the role

Idris Elba is probably one of the most recognizable actors working today, and he’s been on many projects over the years. From the MCU to the DCEU to many great standalone films, he has established himself as a generational talent. The only thing that seems to be missing is that defining role.

However, Elba might be too little too late. He’s currently 50, and with the role requiring a 10-15 year commitment, he might be past the Bond stage. Hopefully not, as his gritty, dramatic acting style would be perfect for Bond.

1/10 Henry Cavill would be a prototype link

Henry Cavill is 39 years old and already has a ton of great roles under his belt. He was Superman in the DCEU, Geralt de Riv in the witcherand Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes. Although he has certainly become a big name in the industry, he could add one more role to the list.

Cavill has all the makings of a James Bond and would be a perfect fit for the role. Sounds almost too good for Cavill, but one that many would love to see. Considering his age, he could also be Bond for a long time.

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